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    Women’s Rights are Human Rights

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    Women’s role in society has changes much throughout history all over the world. In Korea, during the Koryo Period, it had not been uncommon for an upper class man to have several wives. Talented women were to be concubines, or kisaeng, who could make intelligent conversation, recite and even compose poetry, sing, dance and even play musical instruments. On the other hand, main wives had been there just to bear her husband’s lineal heir and did not need to have good education or talent. Women of the past had been there for the pleasure of men. Some men still prefer it that way, but the importance of the roles that women play in society is increasing rapidly.

    Although women’s rights have been promoted a lot, it is not enough. There is still much unfairness among men and women. First, even though there has never been proof that women are inferior to men, or are less capable, women were and still are discriminated. Second, although women aren’t considered mere pleasures anymore, and are given more rights, they are still considered minority. Third, during a divorce, men adjust better, with their preoccupation on their work, and often tend to have the upper hand of the divorce. Fourth, men are the householders despite the fact that most households are ran by women and are biologically more connected to the children.

    Lastly, although many girls of today consider diverse jobs, some are hindered by their gender. Although it is said that women are treated equal to men, it is not true and more measures should be taken and more effort put into equalizing men and women. Women have never been scientifically proven to be inferior to men. It is generally true that men have better physical features for physical work. Nevertheless, it has been proven that women mature faster, learn faster and they are not as easily sidetracked. However there were myths that women are inferior to men.

    For example, “in the nineteenth century it was widely believed that only women could become mentally ill. ” Until Sigmund Freud’s work on the human mind, and the hard gained work of many psychologists, people believed that myth to be true. To make things worse for feminists, the bible, Genesis 2:21; “And the Lord God caused a sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman. .

    ” infers that men are superior to women. For centuries, bible believing communities believed this as the truth and women in those communities were to obey her husbands. This type of belief that women should obey their husbands can be seen in almost every country. “It is hard to figure out where this point of view came about. It is widely agreed by many anthropologists that matrilineal societies” existed all over the world in the beginning of human history.

    “Although matrilineal societies can’t be said to be better than patrillineal” societies, women and men should always be equal with each other in any given society. In the past, women were considered mere pleasure and did not have the same rights as men. For example, during the Koryo Period in Korea, after the wedding, the bride cut her ties with her own family and entered her husband’s. A Woman was to obey her father as a child, her brothers if her father died, obey her husband when she got married and then obey her sons when her husband died. Women were to obey her husband even when he wasn’t even loyal to her.

    Divorce was considered a disgrace in the community and a divorced woman had no place to go. The only way she was able to take out her anger was on the own daughter in law. In Korean culture, even today, divorce is considered a disgrace even when 40% of couples to divorce. It is also easier on the man during a divorce. Men, being occupied with their work, and being able to let out their stress with drinking and smoking without being thought strange, have less time to mull about their divorce. In addition, .

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    Women’s Rights are Human Rights. (2019, Feb 20). Retrieved from

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