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    Why People Hate Musicals Essay (1040 words)

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    Why People Hate Musicals There are many different reasons why people could hate musicals. Maybe they had a bad time at the theatre once and that scarred their outlook on musicals forever. Many people think that musicals are “gay’ and they don’t want to see guys “prancing” around on stage. Some people cannot stand the fact that people are singing instead of talking. Whatever their reason for disliking musicals is, they’re wrong. I’m only Joking. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion and I’m going to point out some of those opinions and the reasoning behind them.

    First I’d like to touch on the fact that people think musicals are “gay. ” It is this homophobic approach to musicals that causes many people to turn their minds off. “Musical” was actually the old fashion slang for gay. Though musicals may be “out of the closet” they are far from being accepted. How many times on television, in movies, or in real life have we experienced some gay kid or even Just a theatre lover getting beat up because they like musical theatre or like to sing? While talking to Jack Lowly about this she said that “The main reason people are so intimidated by causal theatre is because of a homophobic mindset. Honestly last time I checked there were not any homosexuals running around trying to get with every heterosexual out there. Many homophobes, Just like the “troposphere” are afraid of what they don’t understand. Theatre tends to fit into the stereotype of “gay,” though. The reason behind that is because usually it is the gay guys who are not afraid to take on a new persona, no matter how crazy it may be, and put it out there for everyone to see. They feel most comfortable with who they are and do not doubt it for one minute. If anyone has a problem with that, they do not care.

    They do what they love. Some people are able to get past the homophobia but they are not able to accept the fact that people are singing. My favorite part about musicals is the fact that people randomly break into song. Some people, on the other hand, cannot handle that. “The Deliberate Mom” blob online has written, “l find it really challenging to watch something where people break out into song, mid-sentence! It’s not realistic. It’s not enjoyable. It’s annoying! ” I have found that many people do, in fact, break into Eng impediments without any specific reason except that, they love music.

    I am one of those people that thinks there is a song for everything. If a phrase or random object makes me think of a song, I start singing. Some people stare, some people make faces, some choose to walk on the other side of the street. It does not bother me. I propose that if everyone sang whenever they felt (the more often the better) there would be no more war or violence. Let there be peace on earth! Many television shows have also had musical episodes. I know that some Buff the Vampire Slayer fans were not too pleased with the episode “Once More, With Feeling. Also How I Met Your Mother has had their episode “Nothing Fits Me like a Suite. ” These different episodes have shown a new aspect of the arts to faithful viewers. On The Office, Andy was trying to drum up participation for his community By Expellable man dressed as a cat sat on my lap. ” There are shows out there that are not for everyone. One of my favorites, Joseph and the Amazing Technically Dreamboat, I would not recommend for everyone. There is a huge variety in music genre and the costumes and dancing tend to be a bit such for non-theatre people to accept.

    Other musicals that can be difficult to handle are Hairspray (especially with John Travel), La Cage Auk Follies, and Godspeed. Different factors like crazy costumes, loud music, and dance breaks and really send non-musical-lovers over the edge. However, there are many Broadway musicals that anyone can relate to and love. Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Rent are loved but thespians and non-musical-lovers alike! West Side Story has somewhat of a difficult plotting. There’s people dying and what do they do? They sing “There’s a place for us.

    Why not try to help them? Also Jesus Christ Superstar has people dancing around in the desert! Sure the music is amazing but it is hard to imagine people singing in the desert. Vive heard people complain about Guys and Dolls. This is one of my favorite musicals but I could see where people would say the musical is bad. The plot is hard to follow (which is partly because opened and is based in the ass’s) and the musical numbers are very “show tune” like. There are a few musicals out there that I would suggest for those who are still unsure about musicals. Dry.

    Horribleness Sing-Along Blob starring Neal Patrick Harris. Dry. Horrible is, as his name suggests, a super villain who is super bad at what he does. His nemesis, Captain Hammer, is a Jackass hero who is very cocky about his work. If you like Monty Python and the Holy Grail then you’ll love Monty Python’s Spatulas which is “lovingly ripped off from the motion picture. ” It’s filled with the same great characters and scenes along with new songs like Mimi Won’t Succeed on Broadway’ and “This is the Song That Goes like This. ” The Addams Family Musical is a fresh look on an old classic.

    The Addams Family is still in love with the dark but there’s a twist, Wednesday is in love! Hilarious songs fill the very comical musical. I want to challenge everyone out there who does not like musicals to go out and find one that they do like. The reason that people might not like musicals could be because they have not found one that suits them. There is a musical out there for everyone. I am always finding new ones that I love and it helps me to broaden my understanding of life. So many things in musicals relate to life and major overplay its happenings.

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