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    What Darwin Never Knew (918 words)

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    Darwin knew many things and gave us and lots of scientists today an introduction to what we are now discovering and learning now. Although Darwin has helped us with discovering new things about evolution and survival, we’ve discovered things even Darwin has not known. We discovered things darwin never discovered or never had the prospect to like life’s greatest mysteries of human evolution, genetic differences to the explanation for evolution, questions darwin had, and more beyond.

    first, darwin had many questions on evolution- explanation for diversity of life- like HOW did it take place? Evolution has taken place within organisms themselves for it’s discovered that we all came from an ancestor who then gave generations an opportunity of diversity to vary with not only its food, but its climate and surroundings. An example would be the finches on the Galapagos Islands who have key differences with their environments like their beaks, shapes, and other physical traits. These13 differing types of finches all came from one ancestor, which helps us see a descent of modification continue with a species change throughout their generations. These birds were variations of one type. On the Galapagos Islands, there have been many unusual creatures along side just the finches, like Giant Tortoises and Marine Iguanas. These creatures have had a descent with modification continue which allows Darwins “how” question have a bit of an answer.

    Secondly, how could one species gives rise to several others overtime? a thing that darwin never need to know would be the switch that jump started evolution within an organism. Scientists today have now found out how an organism is in a position to evolve and adapt with change to their surroundings and allowing more creations happen from one species. Scientist have shown us an example with a Stickle-back fish.

    An Ocean Stickleback fish features a defense reaction below it- 2 Spikes that stick out- but a Threespine stickleback fish doesn’t have these two spikes that an ocean stickleback does. Scientist were ready to discover a Keybody plan gene that had traced back to a genetic switch. The Ocean stickleback had a genetic switch from the body plan gene which allowed for those two spikes but the threespine stickleback fish has not had its genetic switch… switched. The body plan gene is what accounts for the hind limbs, bone trace, manatee pelvic bones that are shown to evolve away because the embryos have proved.

    Thirdly, thereupon being said, it takes us back to the Finches. The body plan gene determines what sort of finch being born, whether it’s one with an extended pointy beak (for plant-based foods), or one with a robust small beak (for seeds). This results in many other genes explaining the key to evolution within an organism that Darwin never knew about. Genes and DNA generally are liable for key differences between different species. Scientists saw how animal DNA are often changed and the way it helps us understand how creatures develop and evolve. The DNA stores information that help build different creatures. The Key genes tell different results and also tell us how its how the genes are used that tell diversity, not the quantity. a transparent example would be that us humans have 23,000 genes which is that the same amount because the Chicken.

    Lastly, Darwin didn’t know the most important thing that we had uncovered, which was the human evolution and ancestry. Scientists have uncovered that human embryos have little slits that show descent from fish and the way it turns into ears for us. It shows that a lot of walking land animals have a past of a fish. To be more specific, it’s mostly told from the fossil of Tiktaalik. Titaalik was the fossil of a seafood that was evolving hind limbs which was caused by a selected gene referred to as the Hox gene,it was believed that Tiktaalik could are forced to evolve by predators forcing the creature to evolve its hind limbs to steer ashore to survive. Not Only did we today find out our “lineage” but also more depth between our reference to apes that darwin couldn’t find out.

    Humans and Apes have a 99% similarity in genes, but a tenth major difference in genes. therein 1% was a sequence where in human DNA, we had 13 differences. That one-hundredth provided an evidence to our difference in thumbs and brains along side muscle. Hansell Stedman was ready to have a solution to why humans had bigger brains compared to apes, where we found that we had a damaged Muscle making gene which was compared to apes.

    The muscle making gene enabled Apes to possess a stronger jaw. the facility of the jaw muscle which require immense muscle power for Apes had prevented a growth for the skull in Apes not allowing brain growth but since the gene is disabled in humans, our brains are allowed to grow to adulthood allowing our skulls to grow providing much space for our brain to grow rather than having a blockage from jaw muscle and skull plates as apes do. The genetic difference also explains why humans have a versatile thumb compared to animals who don’t.

    last, There are many things Darwin couldn’t discover but he sure did lead us to the invention with the knowledge he provided scientists to start out with. Evolution has started not only by adaptation from the environment but from the past of our ancestry and therefore the genes inside every organism that permits them to vary for survival.

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