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    Warts and All Case Essay (2282 words)

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    These together with other false impressions created by these agencies do not translate into a successful recruitment policy acceding to Samisens, a business psychologist. The case study also brings out an important statistic. A company spends up to three times the employee’s annual salary in recruiting, training, advertising and the time lost in employing a new employer as a result of a staff turnover. Samisen is no fan of such recruitment agencies and has shared his expertise with top companies like Royal and Sun Alliance and Boots.

    His main focus is exposing the whole and real truth about a company to an applicant. They also combine the applicants skills with motivation unlike the tendency to focus only on skills by companies. Samisens and his team have introduced the medium of videos, audio cassettes and written materials during the recruitment session. These tools give an insight into What goes on in the company and does not misinform. These techniques have proved beneficial to their clients in terms of saving money and boosting the morale Of its newly employed.

    CASE ANALYSIS Recruitment is a process whereby a business seeks applicants either generally or for particular vacancies (Touring, Hall and ATA;or 2008). Edwin B. Fillip defined recruitment as “the process of searching for prospective employees ND stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization, Section 7 (1) of the Labor Act (2003) to Ghana states unequivocally that a person shall not operate a private employment agency unless that person is a corporate body, has applied to, and has been granted a license, by a Minister.

    The approach to recruitment described in this article is one that can be termed as a smokescreen, Nothing at the recruitment stage is at it seems. From the plush hotels, expensive food to the glossy images of the brochures all gives the applicant a false hope endless riches ND luxury with the new job they are being recruited for. There is a much bigger argument for putting out ‘warts and all’ messages in recruitment advertisements and Other procedures. There is a process called a Realistic Job Preview (RPR). This is a tool designed to reduce early turnover.

    It communicates to the applicants the desirable and undesirable aspect Of the job before they accept a job offer (CAPS Human Resource Services 2007). Samisen employ the use Of such tool in their recruitment processes for companies like Boots, Pearson and Royal and Sun Alliance as cited in the case. It comes in various formats such as brochures, job shadow, cassette and video. Video however is the most effective medium since it offers a consistent message, easy to use and the impact to the applicant is very great.

    The video coverage gives a visible presentation into the companies, its ethics, various departments, how the actual job schedule looks like and it actually puts the applicant into the company. This visual impressions really impacts on the applicant more than a brochure or hearing from a tape. Advantages of this medium of recruitment will be explained below. Firstly, there is greater job satisfaction among staff Who are recruited through the use of realistic job preview. This is because they have a true presentation of what the job entails and prepare themselves for the task ahead.

    There is no element of surprise on the job. This ensures that the staff is easily and quickly integrated into the setup Of the company and he hits the ground running. This is far better to an employee who enters the job without a realism into what pertains there since they have been convinced through unrealistic conditions not really existent in the company itself. Another advantage is that studies have revealed that staff who undergo a realistic job preview at the recruitment stage are less likely to leave their job. This helps the company to retain its staff which helps the company’s bottom line.

    This is because companies spend a lot of money in recruiting, training and deploying a new staff and all these cost would have been avoided if the staff does not leave the job. Thirdly, as stated by Samisens, a realistic job preview helps eliminate unsuitable people early in the recruitment process. This saves the company time and money which can be injected into other sectors of the company. When the applicant is subjected to the company’s realities, he may realize that this job is not for him and this helps the applicant to reconsider his career choice.

    The applicant sometimes Will Withdraw from the recruitment process. This ensures that theft suitable applicants are left at the end of the recruitment process and there the realistic job process also serves as a form of shortlist. Another merit is that it helps the staff to cope with the high demands of the new job. For example, there is a new job offer which demands a staff to work from Monday to Saturday and sometimes even Sundays. The salary might be very good with benefits but the job demands are very high and could close as late as ten pm.

    With the bad practices tooth recruitment agencies, only the high salary would be portrayed and used to entice the applicant. However, the best practice to realistic job process will state all including the demanding nature to the position. This helps the staff to condition himself for the tough nature of the job and as such handles the pressures positively. There are grave consequences with this unprofessional approach the proliferation approach by companies. The first disadvantage is that, it leads to high turnover in the companies who finally employ such applicant Who were recruited through such unrealistic procedures.

    The newly employed staff quickly observes that all the good and favorable items that were dangled by the recruiting company turns out to be a facade. This forces the staff to look for a new job and he resigns as soon as he finds the new job. This causes the company to again go through the Whole process again and they incur high cost not only in recruiting but in training and retaining the staff as all. Early turnover can be explained as when a staff leaves a new job within the first year of their employment. Secondly, there will not be job satisfaction in the new job.

    The new employee might not be able to cope with the pressures and highly demanding nature of the job. This stems from the fact that he or she was not made aware of the realities tooth job he sought. Other packages like motivation and promotion would have been blond over and made to look mouthwatering by the agencies whereas they are a bit blowhard was portrayed. This makes the staff to be dissatisfied and has an adverse effect on his job input. The staff will also begin to show other job deviant behaviors like absenteeism and lower productivity.

    All these will be exhibited at the work place because their expectations for the job have not been met They also choose to remain on their current job because they have not found employment elsewhere and as such display such deviant behaviors to the detriment Of the company. MERITS OF RECRUITMENT AGENCIES Little administrative chore for the employer 2. Established as the normal method for filling certain vacancies. Capital secretaries in CB DEMERITS 1. Can produce staff who are likely to stay for a short time . Widely distrusted by employers 3.

    Can be very expensive MERITS OF PUTTING OUT WARTS AND ALL Best Answer – Chosen by Voters Some do, despite the fact it is illegal in the ELK to advertise a vacancy that does not exist, equally it should clearly state a job title and location. Threes a lot of sharp practice Within agencies but don’t let that put you Off- threes also some very good consultants and businesses who have excellent relationships with clients, and access to vacancies that do not get advertised. A good consultant Will also be able to offer you invaluable advice on career routes, options, interview quenching, the offer process etc.

    Unfortunately the list is growing… Other job agents, I would say it depends on who you deal with as they are different from consultant to consultant. Hope this helps Desperately seeking good job agents (competent and result oriented) 10 things we hate about recruitment companies with 38 comments Epic] Even It up! Acknowledges that, like it or not, recruitment companies are firmly entrenched as part Of the hiring landscape now. However, all the evidence seems to point to the fact that they notoriously over-promise and under-deliver. Bit like casinos really. , given that many jobsharers are forced into using them (and we place the blame firmly with business who outsource when they really should be arranging their recruitment in-house as a crucial brand issue) we’ve put together a list of what to expect when you deal with them, and why we don’t like dealing with them at all! 1. General position calls If you see an ad anywhere (the paper, Seek, job boards etc) calling for an expression of interest (or similar) rather than a specific position approach with care. Only very rarely does this actually eventuate into an interview, let alone work.

    Our understanding is that this is purely a marketing ploy that can be used to sell their “extensive database of candidates”to clients/potential clients. 2. Baiting If you do manage to get some face time with a consultant, beware of the phrase Me had a position come in yesterday that would have been right up your alley’ or “I’ve got a position that has just come across my desk that you would have been suitable for. Then you hear nothing, or the position has been withdrawn, or it’s gone to a redeployed (or any other excuse).

    These are psychological techniques designed to get your hopes up and keep you hanging. . Pigeon- holing If you apply for one sort of position with a recruitment company e. G. As a temp, you Will be a temp forever. Even if juicy contracting positions come up, you Will not be considered. Once you have had your Word/Excesses/Frontage ability tested and your data entry speed recorded, you Will be forever pigeonholed. If you do, for whatever reason, have to register with an agency for a position, give them information that relates only to that position. Less is more.

    Oh, and one more thing: just because your have qualifications does not mean you won’t be pigeonholed. . Silence Similar to pigeonholing is silence or avoidance. Basically, this occurs if they think you’ve done something *wrong” in the eyes of the agency, for example not taking a job that you were clearly unsuitable for, withdrawing your application tort a position, not winning a contract position, or calling in sick on your first day of temping, Guaranteed you will he placed on the black list, This means that no matter what you do, calls or emails about jobs or contracts will not be returned.

    It’s like you are in labor market limbo. You can always wait for the consultant to NC. E on and try again in six months or a year, but sometimes they are in these jobs for years, so the likelihood of this happening is quite slim. S. References Agencies do check references, but our advice is don’t give them your “best” ones. Our rationale is that you should save your “best” references for real jobs. Don’t get sucked into handing over the names and details of references until you really have to.

    It’s a waste of good references otherwise. 6. They are not your “agent” Despite many recruitment personnel calling themselves agents (and we have referred to them that way in this blob for convenience), this is not the case ND is misleading. An “agent” implies they are working forum. This is not the case: they are working for their client ? the employer – because that’s where the money is. Get the whole agent thing out of your mind. Only rarely will a consultant (which is also a misleading tern) actually work with you.

    If you find one, please let Even It Up! Know because this is a rare breed. 7. Beware of people not carrying pencils If you do get called into an interview, beware of people not carrying pens or paper. If no notes are being taken, or questions not being asked, it’s a sham. 8. Amateur hour Most recruitment consultants have little or no experience in the industry or field in which you are applying. It is our experience that most are glorified sales personnel on a power kick.

    Unnaturally, these people operate in a high stakes environment i. E. Your life. 9. Once is never, twice is always It a recruitment company treats you badly once, it’s never. However, if they treat you badly twice, it’s always, and you need to jettison them. It’s not like they are doing (or will do) anything forum anyway. We recommend that you let them know with the following email (or similar): Dear “consultant” loud like to advise that you are unsuccessful in winning me as a candidate.

    While I am skilled, qualified and experienced, and would be an asset to any employer, you will not have the pleasure – or remuneration – of representing me. Unfortunately, you didn’t treat me particularly ovule, even though I gave you a couple of chances. Have therefore decided that do not want to deal with you as there are Other companies Out there Who Will treat me With respect. Please delete my C.V. and details from your database. 10. Gatekeeper Status Even It up! Wants to know died and made recruitment companies the taskmasters? Why do they have this Status, and Why do they retain it?

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