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    When you are done, upload your completed Word document so that it can be checked. I. Historical Context & Cultural Influences A. The Monarchy and the Church (p. 287-88) Writers found their fate and influence due to political shifts. Writers like Sir Thomas More were put to death because their views did not align with the present ruler. In 1485 Henry Tudor married his son to Catherine of Spain for alliance, he died but his brother then married her.

    During protestant reformation Henry Vic’s people became angry with the church, and German monk Martin Luther spoke out (95 theses). B. The Elizabethan Era (p. 288) Elizabeth l, prove to be great ruler. Sent Sir Francis Drake across globe, and Sir Walter Raleigh tried to put colony in Virginia. Greatest feat is defeating the Spanish Armada. C. The Rise of the Stuart and The Defeat of the Monarchy (p. 289) After death of Elizabeth, James I took throne (Scotland). This angered Catholics after his support of Church of England. Charles I took over in 1625 and relations with

    Puritans worsened, also after he dismissed Parliament. This put England into civil war. Oliver Cromwell and puritans defeated Royalists. Puritans made a commonwealth. Big set back. Once Charles II came back from exile to assume the throne restoration began. D. The Renaissance (p. 290) spread throughout Europe. Life on Earth began to hold more energy and interest than thoughts of afterlife and religion. A renaissance man was a well rounded man who did the best he could with his or her talents. This was the time of Shakespeare, Galileo, and other creative people who invented and developed things to cultivate mime period.

    Such as compass, printing press, and things like that. People began to explore life on earth and began to question many important things. Theatre was huge during this time, and King James Bible was made. The time period concluded 1660 II. Renaissance Literature A. Pastoral Poems and Sonnets (p. 291) Energy became vibrant in literature. Sir Phillip Sidney, Sir Walter Raleigh and Edmond Spencer all put forth great literature. A pastoral poem is one that represents an idealized manner of shepherd life. Literature of Nature also emerged heavily. B. Shakespearean Drama (up. 2-93) Shakespeare contributed so much to drama and literature during time period. Mystery, mystical and morality plays developed greatly. Interludes and Latin and Greek dramas. He contributed tragedy’s and Comedies that to this day are famous. Also satires. His plays displayed many events and stories throughout history C. The Rise of Humanism (up. 294-95)

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