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    Two pictures Essay (1069 words)

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    The theme park has five zones and each of these zones has its own slide, they are all in the same desing, but have different information. Below is the slide design, I have only done one but the others will follow the same design. There is a main title then information about the zone then a map of the actual zone and a map of where the zone is in the park. All the zone slides will also have transition effects, the ttile will appear then one second the later the writing will. The writing will appear with one word coming out at a time so the user has time to read it all through.

    This also makes the presentation look better. Then when all the writing has appeared the two pictures will also appear at the same time. The border, logo and menu button will all appear when the screen is brought up. Slide 8- Directions This slide is linked from the main menu and is on its own. It states directions to the the park. It includes text and pictures. The final slide design is shown below: As in all slides the logo, border and main menu button will appear immediatley, then the title will appear, one second later the text will appear once again coming out word by word so that people have time to read it.

    The two maps will then appear at the sam time arriving from the right hand side of the screen. Slide 9- Park Hours This slide displays the hours that the park are open, I have been provided the information that can be put in and the final desing for this slide is displayed below: This slide will have the title appearing like all the other, one second later all the rest of the information will appear in the orange box, the box will come into the screnn from the left, this is to add an attractive effect to the slide. As always the logo, main menu butoon and white border will appear automatically.

    Slide 10- Prices This slide will also be linked from the main menu and will display the prices of the theme park. I have got most of the information goven to me including a prices table which I have scanned in. The final desing for this slide is shown below: This slide’s transition effects will be like most of the other slides, the title will appear first then the introductory text will appear word by word, then when all of this is dispalyed the two other text boxes will appear, one from the right and the other from the left.

    One secoind after these have benn up the imported image will appear. Slide 11- More Help? This slode will be a slide containing text about whereb to go if the user needs to find out something that is not in the presentation. The text will be written by myself and will be in a large white box in the middle of the slide. The final design of the slide is shown below: The transition effects on the final slide will be similoar to the others. The logo, border and main menu button will appear automatically. Then the title will appear and after one second the text box will appear.

    The text will then be spelt out word by word, this is so that peopl read all the information. If it is all displayed at once they may miss parts out because they are just looking for the information they want. This stops this occurance happening. Project Schedule When implemting this project I have many tasks to complete, to make sure I do this I will create a lost of all the tasks I need to do. I can tick off when I have stasks, this will make sure that I have done everything. Task One: Make background and border and apply it to all slides.

    I will do this by making the background thejn clicking on apply to all slides. Task Two: Place logo on every slide copy and paste this into bottom corner of every slide. Task 3: Create all titles on the slide, using what I have said on the final designs. Task 4: Create all word boxes and add text to these, do this on all slides where it applies. Task 5: Add images taken off the internet, manipulate these in paint before finally applying them. Task 6: Scan in price list, manipulate in paint shop pro then place into slide where necessary.

    Task 7: Add buttons using hyperlinks, put buttons in where explained in final design. Task 8: Add transitions to slides, as explained in designs. Task9: Change time settings so they are ste at what is required. Task 10: Implement test plan and check that everything works as it should, note down any errors. Test Plan Task 10 is implemeting a test plan, I need to create a test plan that I can use in the implemets section. A test plan is a selection of tests that I will carry out to check that everything in my system works. The test plan I have devised is shown below: Test Purpose of test

    Test Method Expected Result 1 To check the slideshow starts Press F5 Slide show starts up with title screen. 2 To check that the title screen is correct Open up slide show by pressing F5 Title screen should open text and pictures should appear as in designs. Continue button should appera 3 To check slide changes Click on continue button Show moves onto main menu. 4 To check the main menu is correct. Look at slide to check everyhting is as expected. All text and pictures ome up whne they are meant to according to desings. 5 Check all zones buttons work Click on all zones

    All zones slide load automatically after clicking on desired button. 6 Check zones slides are correct. Look at all zones slide All infomration should come up at the correct time, with text then pictures. 7 To check main menu button works Click on the main menu button on every slide. The show should go back to the main menu slide. 8 Check all other slides open. Click on them on main menu Other screens should load as desired. 9 Check other slides are correct Run slides and check all things appear from the riight places at the right times All things run as expected and as described in final desings.

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