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    “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts Review

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    In the practice of psychotherapy, this book has given me some excellent tools, the first was that it helped me to realize that everything I have done does not mean that I am progressing linearly in my process. On the contrary, it made me see that the process is not linear at all, but that it is more like a circle and that the advances are not forward or backward, but inward or outward. Toward God, or what we understand by God, towards the truth.

    Starting from there, I think it allows me to understand a little better the process of any patient. Knowing that it is not going to improve or worsen according to ‘the treatment’. These processes are like this, two steps ahead and one behind. And what happens has to happen to heal. Sometimes they seem terrible things and contrary to the ‘advance’, but they are necessary to really learn the lesson.

    On the other hand, something super salvageable seems to me the genesis of this book that is the Age of Anxiety. This left me thinking that nobody is alone in the process, on the contrary, we are all like ‘generation’ submerged in certain changes, in certain dynamics. We are marked generationally by religious, psychological, social, political, spiritual positions, etc. And this is a very important factor because generally society is what determines what is ‘good or bad’ in each time and place. The truth is that we can not ignore it, despite not agreeing. For me it is clear that the important thing is not to judge, to try to be as human as possible, as honest. Because that is our own nature.

    I feel that life is a dream I can not wake up from. That reality is not this tangible that I can smell, touch, see. If not one that I can seldom see, like a brief space in a dream. And I believe that the closer I am to awakening, closer to liberation, to Samadhi. I have to say that in the practices of meditation and contemplation that I have realized I have discovered very deep things that have shaped me, but I understand now that they have only been brief experiences. Those that dazzle and deviate from the goal, because I long to return to them, instead of going towards the main objective. Now I understand that every time I can say that I have learned something and I feel like I have the answers, I can be sure otherwise. Let’s say that for me the era of insecurity ends with the assurance that I can never say that I have the absolute truth, I can be completely sure that the process never ends, I can be sure that when I feel comfortable and confident it’s time to change .

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    “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts Review. (2022, Jan 28). Retrieved from

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