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    The Trolley Problem Sample Essay

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    The Trolley Problem is set up in two parts. The first portion of this job puts the reader in a inactive place to take between jostling a big individual onto the path doing one individual to decease to salvage the five other people and forbearing and making nil would let the five to decease and the one individual to populate. The 2nd portion of this scenario would set Frank in a really personal place to take to make something about the state of affairs at manus. or to allow five people die ; or intentionally force a big individual to salvage the five.

    This would look like a really difficult pick for most people. The moral issue in inquiry is to look at a big individual as the reply to halt the streetcar. If the big individual is pushed in forepart of the streetcar to salvage the five people. one would be doing a scruples determination to stop someone’s life. I will utilize Kant’s positions of how this determination would look to me to be morally impermissible.

    by deontologist moralss. and psychologist points of position. I believe Kant would see the scenario as impermissible because of his positions on the categorical jussive mood. Kant’s categorical jussive mood is to ne’er move in such a manner that a axiom should go a cosmopolitan jurisprudence. One’s responsibility is ever a connexion between moral Torahs.

    Kant believes that you can take to make things or non to make things. What is right for a cosmopolitan jurisprudence? Then Kant argues that morality is based neither on rule of public-service corporation. nor on a jurisprudence of nature but merely on human ground. Harmonizing to Kant. ground tells us what we ought to make.

    and so we follow our ain ground. So. to force a big individual in forepart of a streetcar would be utilizing person as a agency to acquire an terminal. Kant feels we should non utilize people as a agency. no affair what the feeling.

    Kant’s expression for humanity is that one would move in such a manner as to handle humanity. whether in your ain individual or in the individual of another. ever at the same clip as an terminal. So Kant’s cardinal thought here is non to utilize person as a tool. even though your end would hold good logical thinking. First I will see how deontologist moralss would see forcing person in forepart of a streetcar impermissible.

    Harmonizing to Sanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. the position of deontologist moralss is that some picks can non be justified in their affects. No affair how good result is supposed to be. some picks are merely morally out. Deontologists are committed to the following Catholic divinity.

    “We are flatly out to mean such immoralities as killing the inexperienced person or tormenting others. We are obligated non to kill the inexperienced person for illustration. ” ( Sanford 6. 7 ) . This quote suggests that people should non kill a individual no affair how good the purposes are of the individual. Deontologists feel that a individual has to be willing to give their life.

    Another individual can non do that determination for them. I feel deontologists would be 1s to follow the Ten Commandments. They would reason that it is morally incorrect for Frank to force a big individual in from of an out of control streetcar. One may see it as killing person versus the option of allowing other individuals live. Therefore. killing an person on intent is non merely worse than allowing the five persons dice.

    it is still. finally. morally incorrect. The 6th Commandment in the bible. in Exodus 20:13.

    provinces. “Thou shall non kill” . In the instance of Frank forcing a big individual to halt the streetcar. he would be interfering with the natural class of the existence by killing one individual.

    and go againsting the regulations established by his God. Frank would truly be deliberately doing the decease of the big adult male. However. if Frank choruss and does nil. he would non be allowing five dice. He did non mean for those five people to be placed in the way of decease and devastation.

    The streetcar would so merely travel along to its intended way. and Frank would non hold violated the Sixth Commandment. Dr. Joshua Green of Harvard University suggests that there is a psychological ground why Frank should non force the big individual in forepart of the streetcar.

    The psychological position of double procedure morality supports the impermissibility of forcing the big individual in forepart of the streetcar. The double procedure theory provinces that a individual has concluding based on what seems to be true. without believing. and more controlled cognitive responses promotes the greater good of a state of affairs. esteeming the rights of people.

    ( Greene 11 ) . Dr. Greene calls the streetcar job the “footbridge dilemma” . He has found that people have said that they would disapprove of person being pushed in forepart of the streetcar because it has a negative result.

    Greene has besides stated. “People have a negative emotional response to the streetcar job because of the more personal nature in that case” ( Greene 13 ) . Harmonizing to the double procedure theory the streetcar job brings up two issues. 1 ) the struggle between emotional intuition and 2 ) the struggle with emotional intuition. The emotional intuition has been the more dominate reply for people to make up one’s mind upon in the streetcar instance.

    In a instance survey by Greene he found that patients who have dementia were more likely to O. K. of the “footbridge dilemma” ( trolley job ) than those who have healthy logical thinking processing. The patients who were mentally unstable. with dementedness and assorted mental diseases. approved of person being pushed in forepart of a streetcar opposed to those who did non hold any mental defects to change their judgement.

    So in this psychologist position I have found that it is morally impressionable because it is mentally unhealthy to so. This was a instance survey of patients who did non hold good logical thinking accomplishments or capablenesss determination devising and the streetcar job. In his The Doctrine of the Double Side Affect. Dr. Nucci at the University of Duisburg suggests that there is a 3rd ground why forcing a big individual in forepart of the streetcar is impermissible.

    Dr. Nucci stated. “It is morally impermissible to force a fat adult male in forepart of a trolley” ( Nucci 2 ) . He has besides stated that ‘killing is merely killing” no affair what the agency or results seem to be. ( Nucci 2 ) . Dr.

    Nucci provides statistical analysis in the treatment of “fat adult male and the streetcar problem” . Harmonizing. to Dr. Nucci this idea is backed up by “Hauser’s Moral Sense Test” and a BBC trial canvass. About 90 % of the persons who took the trial said it would non be morally allowable to force the fat adult male in forepart of the streetcar and salvage the five.

    The same consequences came from a BBC intelligence canvass where 73 % of the respondents answered merely “NO” to the inquiry that was asked” should you kill the fat man” ? ( Nucci 12 ) . So in this point Dr. Nucci is demoing that the bulk regulations it to be incorrect to force the fat adult male in forepart of the streetcar. and supports the Doctrine of Double Side Affect.

    The statement of making versus leting brings up a moral difference of killing and allowing dice. Dr. Nucci suggests that forcing the big adult male in forepart of the streetcar is morally worse than allowing five people dice. He says that our negative responsibility of avoiding injury to an person is greater than our positive responsibility to convey assistance and aid to an person ( Nucci 12 ) . We should non kill anyone in either of the streetcar scenarios.

    1 ) the fat adult male scenario. or 2 ) the switch streetcar scenario. Harmonizing to Dr. Nucci we should non kill a individual as a agency and side effects harmonizing to “The Doctrine of Double Side Affect” .

    We are more than probably to assist people in their clip of hurt than to be the 1s doing that hurt to others. I took a study of module and pupils at Wake Tech. locals. and relatives refering the fat adult male scenario in the streetcar job. I asked the followers of the study participants: 1.

    If you were Frank. would you force the fat adult male in forepart of the streetcar? 2. If you were the fat adult male what would you make?3. Would you desire to be pushed in forepart of the streetcar?4. Is it allowable or impressionable?The first respondent was Tumar Thomas.

    He is a 32 twelvemonth pupil at Wake Tech. His response was. “ If I was the heaviest 1. I would give myself for the greater good of the five if they were adult females and kids. If it was merely five work forces I would allow nature take its class.

    ” I found this morally impermissible. The 2nd response was an 18 twelvemonth old college pupil named Adryanna Messer. She said. “Yes. I would give for the greater good and salvage the five people.

    If I were to give for those five people. I would hold to hold a conversation with God foremost. If I had non sacrificed myself. the guilt would eat me up inside of what could hold been? If I did non make anything. I would happen that to be morally allowable. The following four respondents were module.

    locals and relations. The 3rd respondent was Carolyn Koonig. the disablement services adviser. She said the following in response to the scenario and inquiries.

    “It would non be my determination to give a individual. It would be up to God to do that determination. non me.

    You can non set a value on human life. One life is non more of import than another life.

    I find this morally impermissible” . The following was a local college pupil Daquin McDaniel at NC State. She said. “In that case.

    I would force the big adult male to salvage the five. I would be salvaging lives. I would be losing one life to salvage others. I do happen this morally allowable to make.

    ” The following was the local bibliothec at Green Road Library. Martha Spencer. She said. “No. I would non force a big adult male in forepart of a streetcar to halt the streetcar.

    There is no warrant that it would halt the out of control streetcar. If it did non work. I would hold murdered person for no ground. I find this to be morally impermissible.

    ” Last respondent to this study is Tonya Nooks. my female parent. She said. “No. I would non force a big adult male in forepart of an out of control streetcar.

    That would non for me to make up one’s mind. I would seek to warn others of the out of control streetcar and non ache person else. Yes I do happen this morally impermissible” . In decision.

    the author believes that forcing person in forepart of a streetcar is incorrect for the undermentioned three grounds. 1 ) the philosophy of the dual side effects. 2 ) double procedure logical thinking. and 3 ) deontologist moralss. I believe that forcing person in forepart of a streetcar is incorrect because of my belief system. and I would hold to reply to God for what I would hold done.

    No 1 should be able to make up one’s mind if that person’s life terminals. It would non be a person’s determination to do other than the big adult male himself. Hippocrates provinces. “Make a wont of two things: to assist or at least do no injury. ” We should make no injury to anyone. We should assist people.

    but we should non set them in danger. Plants CitedGreene. Joshua. “William James Hall Home Page. ” The Cognitive Neuroscience of Moral Judgment.

    N. p. . 2008 Dec. 1.

    Web. 07 Nov. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

    wjh. Harvard University. edu/ & gt ; . Deontologist Ethics.

    ” ( Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ) . N. p. . 21 Nov. 2007.

    Web. 07 Nov. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //plato.

    Stanford. edu/entries/plato/ & gt ; . Di Nucci. Ezio. The Doctrine of Double Effect and the Trolley Problem. N.

    p. September 20. 2011. Web 07 Nov 2012. hypertext transfer protocol: //ssrn.


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