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    The Stranger in the Woods (463 words)

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    The Book, “THE STRANGER IN THE WOODS” by Michael Finkel is a biography about a man that disappeared into the woods alone at the age of twenty years old to get away from the modern world. The book has lots of really good points for the real life world and many people might be able to relate to the story as well. Itsa true life lesson to everyone that will take the time to read the story about Christopher Knight in his experience in the deep woods of Maine with not much for many years.

    There are a couple points that Michael Finkel might’ve been saying throughout this book. Many people have always dreamed of escaping the modern world at least for a while just to live life without all of the modern technology and advances but most will never make it a reality like Christopher Knight did.

    The world is a great place and most people don’t understand the importance of the actual world. Throughout the book it talked about the nature and how it can help and not help but the world makes everything. Another point is the true meaning of life, the book clearly said that the meaning of life wasnt working, buyin, or anything like that but living.

    Nature can be a good thing, sometimes the freedom and fresh air that Christopher Knight had for twenty seven years is what some people want or need but maybe not for that extent of time. “-about the role of solity, about the value of suffering, about the diversity human needs.” (The New York Times) What people have in today’s day in age is way more than we need, being out there in the woods of Maine definitely can show that and the suffering can give someone a part of the true meaning of life and can show how much people can have today that they actually don’t need.

    All of these points and claims were basically stated throughout the large majority of the story. The main character went into the woods because he just needed to escape from the moderns days. Spending time in the woods helped him and calmed him down even with the extremely hot and cold days in Maine. Nature can be a great cure for some things in this world, some things just can’t be solved by human.

    In Conclusion, Michael Finkel was very successful at getting his points across throughout this book. The meaning of this book is a very important meaning and many should take it into consideration just to get a real for the physical world. There might have been some suffering but in the end there was way more good than bad that came out of this experience in the nature of Maine.

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