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The renaissance Flashcards

a noble must have all of these characteristics except
a standard education
__________ was called the father of italian renaissance humanism
the divine comedy includes all of these three sections except
The renaissance Flashcards

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the flemish painter jan van eyck was one of the first to use and perfect this technique
oil painting
thomas more’s book utopia is about
an ideal state
leonardo da vinci was an excellent example of renaissance italy’s social ideal because he
was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician
christine de pizan is best known for her
works written in defense of women
The frescos painted by _____ have long been regarded as the first masterpieces of early Renaissance art
christian humanists believed that
if people read the classics and especially the basic works of christianity, they would become more pious
in 1528, baldassare castiglione wrote the book of the courtier, which
described the characteristics of a perfect renaissance noble
chaucer’s the canterbury tales is an important work because
chaucer’s use of the english vernacular was important in making his dialect the chief ancestor of the modern english language
the ___ movement had a profound effect on education
what is a fresco
a style of painting
what artist took 50 years to design the doors for a baptistery of a local cathedral
lorenzo ghiberti
what was the central city state during the renaissance
which author wrote the divine comedy about traveling in the after life
giovanni boccaccio
both an artist and scientist, who was probably the best example of a renaissance man
leonardo da vinci
what artist made the first free standing sculpture in europe since the ancient times
who painted the last supper and the mona lisa
leonardo da vinci
which renaissance artist kept notebooks with extensive observations
da vinci
which is true of donatello’s david compared to michelangelo’s
it portrays him after the battle with goliath
the last supper shows the disciples’ reaction
after he tells them one of you will betray me
who did the sistine chapel
which is not true of the Sistine chapel
it was painted while lying on his back
Italy was divided into
city states
what is sfumato
blurring or blending to create mystery
why did Michelangelo portray david the way he did
he wanted to show that the real victory was david being brave enough to fight goliath
which artist modeled their statue of david after assistant, da vinci
which artist’s david was the first free standing statue in the renaissance
which writer was a great english playwright
william shakespeare
memorial where st peter was killed
a painter and sculptor
his works include david and the pieta
based on the study of the literary works of Greece and rome
his masterpiece in the Italian vernacular was the divine comedy
wrote the influential political book the prince
petrarch’s love poems
this family controlled the government of florence
the pope’s architect
written in the slang language of the day
boccaccio’s graphic description of the plague

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The renaissance Flashcards
a noble must have all of these characteristics except a standard education __________ was called the father of italian renaissance humanism petrarch
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The renaissance Flashcards
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