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Women’s suffrage in the United States

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The question is: are we living in a post feminist world? Are women liberated at the moment’sure, women can vote, serve as jurors, judges, presidents, or prime ministers. Equal pay is protected under legislation.

Women have certain rights to maternity leave. Women have equal access to education. Divorce laws have been modified in that both parties get half of their savings. Contraception is more readily available. There radio programs, feature articles, government bodies, TV stations (WTN) specifically aimed at women’s studies and affairs.

Sport clubs are open to women. Women can hold property in their name. Women are allowed into bars to drink beer. In other words, since the birth of feminism in the sixties, some of the oppression However, women are still far from equal.

The average hourly earnings of women are still 68% of those of men. In cash terms, men earn on average, $3. 66 more per hour than women do. Women workers are on the lower end of the work scale. Not very many women are high court judges, CEO’s of companies, or prime minister. With the exception of Kim Campbell, who was only in office for a short time, who other female presidents or prime ministers can you name? How about a female CEO’stumped you, didn’t I? Why is it that all the advertising of medicine,cleaning products, and other household items are geared towards women? Don’t you just hate those Triaminiccommercials where both kids and the husband are sick and thewife (mom) gives them all Triaminic? Then the commercial concludes with, “Triaminic, recommended by doctors, and Dr.

Mom”. There are countless other examples of the stereotypical attitude of women being bearers of children and keepers of homes. “A woman’s place is in the home” as How about the infamous woman-walking-down-the-street-and-the-construction-workers-whistling example? What about the guy telling his coworker a blonde joke? How many mencall women broad’s? What about the constant sexual harassment at work? Did you know that most sexual harassment at work and in general is never reported? How about the huge statistics on rape and violent crime against women? I don’t think women consistently being harassed and degraded is beneficial to them gaining equal status among Women have the potential to get pregnant, which leads to maternity leave for employers. So, they are slightly more expensive to employ than men. That’s why quite often women are asked illegally at job interviews if they intend to marry. Women will remain as second class citizens in the work force as long as they are regarded as unstable workforce.

They are regarded in that manner because to employers most women are likely to want pregnancy leave,likely to come in late if their kid is sick, likely to want Women still do not have control over their bodies. Abortion is illegal in many parts of the world. In NorthAmerica, women won the right to have an abortion, but that right has been moving back inch by inch. With the recent election of a Republican congress in the United States and many anti-abortion groups lobbying for anti-abortion laws,the pendulum is swinging the other way. Women in North America are slowly getting there.

If you compare the equality of women in our society, to say,the Middle East where women are not even considered persons,women here are more equal to men.

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Women’s suffrage in the United States. (2019, Mar 15). Retrieved from

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