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    The Importance of Voting Essay (626 words)

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    If you were to ask me a few years ago why voting was important, I wouldn’t really have the proper grasp as to why you should. A few years ago, what was on television that night was important to me, American politics were only the video clips that my father watched on the news before I was able to take over with MTV and vegetate mindlessly. Politics was a very foreign concept to me; I always saw it as a very complicated issue. Perhaps due to the fact that whenever a child asked an adult, “What is the difference between a Democrat and a Communist?” They would give some round about response totally evading the actual answer, only so they could be politically correct and protect any actual real information entering their child’s head, for example, they reply with, “Well dear, it’s quite confusing.

    ” If people would actually take the time and effort to explain the differences from the previous hypothetical (because there are really so few), our government would be more supported by the people it is supposed to support. Aside from the past Election of 2000, voting is really important. Voting gives the population an equal opportunity completely blind of race, sex, origin, etc. to actually contribute; free from all of the vices our society holds. To go to the voting booth is to say, “I care enough about the welfare of my country to come down here to contribute to the progression of a wonderful capitalist society, America’s.

    ” (Now if you really want to contribute to a great capitalist society, just remember this handy rule of thumb, “Got an ‘R’? You get a hole. “)Also, if you don’t vote, then don’t complain. The most pathetic and disgusting thing about democracy is the people that abuse it. If you don’t vote, then you have no room to moan and groan about the person elected, and can you guess why? Well, for starters, if you don’t vote, you really don’t deserve to call your self an American citizen.

    Keep in mind that millions of people (not just Americans) have died so we can all vote. To not vote is to say that you don’t care about the future of this country, and hair appointments are not a good excuse. Not to mention, if you don’t vote, and you complain, you are insulting your sorry-little-self further. You are essentially saying that, “Well not only do I not care about my country, but I am ignorant enough to not realize The Importance of Voting Essay, and I am going to continue to make a fool out of myself my saying that that person should not have been elected when I don’t even really understand or care about the election itself!”I am not even going to go into all the factors of how voting creates a good economy, by creating jobs, and tons of other economic growth and expansion opportunity, but, it does.

    So moving on, voting is possibly one of the most important aspects of democracy. Do you think that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson sat around thinking of the line up for who would run the country for the next century or so? Well newsflash, they didn’t. Democracy isn’t like the Draft Pick where they strategically know who they want as a quarterback for Detroit. An election provides an opportunity for even people like the water-boy to pick the star player, and his administration of course. So the bottom line is voting is important because it is all the people as a whole have.

    Without it we have no voice, and with it we can scream as loud as we want.Bibliography: .

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