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    The implications of Dementia Essay

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    The problem-

    The term Dementia is used loosely to depict a scope of marks and symptoms which involves the progressive diminution in a personals mental abilities ; it is an issue faced by around eight hundred thousand people in the United Kingdom entirely. The ‘umbrella term’ Dementia is a consequence of harm caused to the encephalon by specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or a injury within the encephalon ; this so consequences in an extraordinary decease of encephalon cells. Once these encephalon cells begin to decease they can non be replaced and hence the encephalon begins to shrivel. This is called Brain Atrophy ; this is a progressive and on-going consequence to the encephalon that can non, at this present clip, be cured. There are many different marks and symptoms of the oncoming of Dementia these include ; memory loss, freak out, trouble with perceptual experience, trouble with cognitive thought, alterations in behavior and many more. Although these are the typical marks and symptoms of Dementia, no two patients’ enduring from Dementia will expose this in the same ways.

    Dementia is most normally found in people over the age of 60 five old ages old ; as Dementia is difficult to diagnosis a GP may mention patients to a Dementia specializer ; such as a brain doctor who would run a series of trials to find if Dementia is a likely diagnosing. One trial used is the Mini-Mental State Examination ( MMSE ) which assesses a scope of mental capacities such as long and short term memory, linguistic communication accomplishments and concentration degrees. Blood trials may besides be run to except any different conditions that might demo Dementia symptoms but non necessary consequence in Dementia.

    Once other conditions are ruled out encephalon scans are taken, to do the official diagnosing of Dementia. There as several encephalon scans that can be used, such as ; a Computerised Tomography ( CT ) scan which can assist give elaborate images of the encephalon and demo more information of shots, encephalon harm and other diseases. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI ) scan can besides be used to corroborate Dementia and the specific type of Dementia the patient may hold ; as an MRI scan clearly shows harm to any blood vass plus any Brain Atrophy.

    Different types of Dementia can be diagnosed and can ensue in different methods of interventions and medicine. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of Dementia, doing 55 % of all Dementias. Alzheimer’s leads to steel cell decease and tissue loss and shrinks the encephalon dramatically. The cerebral mantle shrivels up damaging countries of the encephalon that affect thought, administration and memory. Besides ventricles within the encephalon Begin to turn larger and plaques- unnatural bunchs of proteins- signifier between the nervus cells ; while deceasing nervus cells contain tangles which are caused by distorted strands of other proteins. All of these consequences in loss of encephalon map and activity. Fig 1. –A healthy encephalon activity V Alzheimer’s sick person encephalon activity.

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    Vascular Disease is the 2nd highest cause of Dementia ; caused by an break of blood supply to the encephalon. Any signifier of break of blood flow to the encephalon, either a leak or a obstruction can do a shot, which so in bend causes harm to the specific portion of the encephalon that was starved of blood. Although one big shot can do symptoms of Dementia, several smaller shots can besides bit by bit develop marks of Dementia in a patient. However, Vascular Disease can besides be cause by a disease called Small Vessel Disease. ; this is when damaged is caused to the little vass in the encephalon.

    Dementia with Lewy Bodies, is the cause of four per centum of Dementia’s and is closely linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. Lewy Bodies are little parts of proteins that develop from inside nervus cells. They disrupt communicating, as they disturb the chemical messages that are sent between nervus cells. Lewy Bodies can impact any portion of the encephalon and are known to do hallucinations, deficiency of concentration and a diminution in physical abilities, likewise to those who suffer with Parkinson’s disease.


    Deductions of Dementia chiefly include, fiscal, emotional and societal. Dementia costs ?26.3 million a twelvemonth ; that means that over ?30,000 a twelvemonth goes towards caring for an single patient ( as shown in figure two ) . Even though this big sum of money goes to each patient merely ?90 of it goes towards research, to enable farther apprehension of Dementia and its related diseases. This is needed in order to handle and better quality of life for patients with Dementia, intending that although research is being done it is non being funded significantly. Therefore these costs will go on to be a strong deduction of Dementia.

    In most instances two tierces of the costs fall on the patient or onto their loved 1s. Families tend to hold to offer non merely societal and emotional support but besides finicky support. Close relations such as partners or kids frequently become carers for their suffering household member ; burthening them with going full clip carers frequently around a full clip occupation and household. These people are unpaid, unaided and decidedly overworked. Research in 2013, by the Alzheimer’s Society ( Shown in figure three ) demoing it was worked out that 1,3,40,000,000 hours were spent looking after people with dementedness, this clearly shows the monolithic affect Dementia has on people’s lives.

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    Although, the fiscal loads must be noted, the greater deduction of a diagnosing of Dementia is the societal and emotional effects on the patient and their loved 1s. However, the strain on attention places and NHS wards get bying with patients with Dementia is great ; normally due to miss of staffing when these patients frequently need one on one attention.

    Many NHS trusts have attempted to foreground the immense effects of Dementia on life styles. Guy’s and Thomas’ NHS Trust foundation did this successfully through a series of six short movies called ‘Barbara, the whole story’ this follows an aged adult female acquiring diagnosed with Dementia, and show’s her agony from the symptoms. As the movie is done through her eyes, it is really affectional and inquiries the spectator on their personal behaviors towards those with Dementia and besides highlights the utmost hardships the patient and their households endure. This picture was shown to all staff at Guy’s and Thomas’ NHS Trust and have had a batch of positive responses to this from staff members: “Barbara’s Story is a powerful reminder of merely how of import everyone’s part is when it comes to making a safe and positive environment.” said one staff member. This picture has successfully highlighted the societal and emotional deductions of Dementia for the patient, household and care/ medical staff.

    Fig. 4- Barbara’s Story explained on the Trust web site.

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    Possible Solutions-

    There is no existent solution for Dementia, nevertheless there are exclusions to the regulation ; Dementia caused by vitamin and thyroid endocrine lacks. This can be corrected by addendums. Besides some Dementia’s caused by tumors or head hurt can be treated and corrected surgically, successfully halting marks of Dementia.

    Research has shown that although there is no remedy, bar of farther harm to the encephalon is advised. This means that the hazards factors should be controlled, these include ; high blood force per unit area, high cholesterin, smoke, diet and exercising and besides sing Diabetes, type one, is controlled.

    In order to forestall farther harm there are several medicines used that have shown to impact different phases of Dementia. Not all patients enduring with Dementia will have medicine as it depends on the badness and type of Dementia they are enduring with.

    Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, is a medicine used to handle mild/ moderate Alzheimer’s, every bit good Lewy Bodies Dementia. It is a chemical that prevents the acetylcholinesterase enzyme from interrupting down acetylcholine, which increases both the degree and continuance of action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The function of acetylcholine in knowledge in the cardinal nervous system is to command memory and acquisition. This means that the symptoms of memory loss and deficiency of apprehension is reduced. This medicine is proven to besides be good at commanding hallucinations, and is used for patients with Parkinson’s every bit good as Dementia. Side effects include sickness and emesis but this is normally impermanent for the first few hebdomads. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors can besides decelerate a patient’s bosom rate, so this would necessitate to be monitored.

    Another drug used in intervention of Alzheimer is Memantine hydrochloride. It was foremost produced in 1968 and is still seen as the most consequence intervention of moderate to function Alzheimer’s. This medicine blocks the effects of chemicals in the encephalon.

    One common symptom of Dementia is depression, as patients frequently feel entirely and scared. Therefore antidepressants are frequently prescribed as a method of intervention for this symptom. Another common symptom is a alteration in behavior. Therefore, major tranquilizers are sometimes used to assist command a patient with Dementia’s ; aggressive or disputing behavior. However major tranquilizers should merely be used short term and with careful consideration ; due to inauspicious side effects ; such as deterioration of other Dementia symptoms and cardiovascular diseases.

    Psychological methods of intervention are effectual with assisting patients and carers manage the symptoms of Dementia ; unluckily it does non decelerate down the patterned advance of Dementia. These methods focus on cognitive stimulations advancing encephalon activity, memory, job resolution and communicating. These vary from group activities and games, the Alzheimer’s Society offers ‘Singing for the brain’ within communities ( as shown in figure five ) ; where people with Dementia and their carers go to develop societal accomplishments, memory and to give them something to maintain them active and positive. there is no ‘solution’ for Dementia ; one of import bar and assistance to assisting those with Dementia is attention and support. As antecedently mentioned households and carers are put on greatly to socially, emotionally, physically and finically back up their loved 1. However, this love, support and attention can do the ultimate difference to how a individual copes with Dementia, particularly in the late phases when it is frequently alone and most confusing and terrorization.

    Fig. 5- A group at ‘Singing for the Brain’

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    Several medicines have found to cut down the symptoms of Dementia in its assorted phases of badness. However, no remedy or solution has yet been found and although the drugs are effectual they still have some major side effects. Such as Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, that in utmost fortunes can do bradycardia in patients. Whereas, other interventions such as major tranquilizers used to command a patients behavior can hold inauspicious side effects such as declining other symptoms of Dementia and can do cardiovascular diseases. This shows that even though this drugs are effectual in commanding some symptoms of Dementia, the side effects can be highly damaging to the patients overall well-being.

    Dementia inflicts fiscal battles on the NHS and for persons and households enduring with Dementia ; nevertheless non adequate money is traveling towards research into Dementia, this is an country that needs to be addressed.

    From research, I have found The Alzheimer’s Society offers a huge sum of information and support to those with Dementia and their households and carers ; every bit good as offering advice for wellness attention professionals. It is clear to see that the chief intervention that can be given to those with Dementia is love, attention and support.

    Brodie Smart

    Word Count: 1,858

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    Brodie Smart

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