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    The go getter Essay (1070 words)

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    The Go-Getter is a story about one man’s drive and persistence. William E. Peck is his name and he is an ex-soldier who was injured in battle.

    Bill lost one of his arms and had one of his legs shortened because of a gunshot wound. But the story begins as the Ricks ; Logging Company is looking for a man who can take over managerial responsibilities in their Shanghai office. The two previous managers have had alcohol problems and have not lived up to their responsibilities. So the company is looking for a replacement.

    First off, Cappy Ricks and Mr. Skinner are set on a Mr. Andrews taking the job in Shanghai. But in walks this gimpy one-armed man into Mr. Ricks’ office and wow’s him with his powerful ability to sell himself, Bill Peck.

    Bill had met with several other people in the company and they did not give him a chance. But he wouldn’t quit and went straight to the top and achieved what he was looking for, and got his chance. Early in Bill’s job, he does surprisingly well. The top dogs at the company think that Bill just may be the man to take over the Shanghai office instead of Mr. Andrews. But he would have to pass one test.

    Cappy sends Bill out to pick up a blue vase and deliver it back to Cappy by a certain time and place. What Bill doesn’t know is that Cappy sets obstacles to make the task almost impossible. Bill succeeds in this mission to the surprise of Cappy. Bill is only the second person out of fifteen to actually complete the mission. Bill is ultimately offered the job to take over the Shanghai office.

    At my internship, my supervisor in working the cameras at WICU has not exemplified the same managerial style and qualities as Cappy Ricks. He’s just not that mean, in the sense of sending me out on a bogus story or on a wild goose chase. But he does have confidence in me to shoot what I think is appropriate. His confidence in me does work, because if he would always shoot a story or scene, then how could I learn. I’m not really sure if I’m beneficial to the station because I am only an intern. But there is a little over a month left, so maybe in time I’ll be beneficial to the station.

    In the interview process of Mr. Peck, he demonstrates a strong will to succeed and won’t take no for an answer. Mr. Peck went to see other high management people at the lumber company and got rejected.

    But he went straight to the top and got what he wanted. He wowed Cappy Ricks with his persistence and his personality. I just hope that Cappy gave Bill the job on account of his interview and personality and not for sympathy and for all his disabilities. For the pursuit of the “blue vase” Bill demonstrated the same qualities as in the interview.

    He wouldn’t quit and tried everything to fulfill Cappy’s orders. Being a veteran, Bill was used to taking orders from higher authorities. Just like Bill’s Brigadier General once said to him, that by any means, it shall be done. And Bill got it done, even though Cappy assumed that he wouldn’t be able to get it done. The most important message in The Go-Getter is it doesn’t matter what obstacles you have to overcome, the only thing that matters is getting the job done. Bill’s disabilities signify that anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it and be persistent.

    If gimpy one-armed William E. Peck can get the job done, then there isn’t a person in the world who couldn’t do the same. But how he was tested is another story in itself. I agree with the premise that employees should be tested. But the way that Mr. Ricks tests Bill, I think it’s just down right mean.

    How are you going to send out a veteran who has had numerous injuries out on a wild goose chase for a damn vase! Plus on top of it you keep on changing the name on the store front, give him wrong directions, and put a cop in front of the store so he can’t break in. Maybe it’s me, but there had to be other ways to test Bill. On the other hand, I think that he proved himself not having any lumber selling experience and did very well for himself. He didn’t need to be tested in my opinion. But, I know, then where would the story in the book go. One of the three strengths that I posses is that I never miss work unless there are significant major circumstances.

    I just hate to miss work. Now I’m not saying that I have never missed work, because I have. I’m saying that I feel that I haven’t completed my day. Basically I feel like a bum. Secondly, my next strength is that I am always willing to learn and I will admit to my mistakes.

    I’m not a stubborn person. I realize that I am young in this business and that my knowledge and experience is limited. Everybody makes mistakes, it takes a man to admit his mistake and learn from it. Lastly, another strength that I posses is it takes a lot for me to quit. But I do know when I have been beaten.

    I am not as persistent as Bill is. I won’t sit around if my strongest efforts aren’t successful. I wouldn’t want to keep everybody else behind so that I can catch up. That’s just my personality and I’ll always be that way.

    The Go-Getter is an interesting book, which had a twist I certainly wasn’t expecting. I’m obviously referring to the wild goose chase for the “blue vase”. Bill is one strong individual. He won’t quit, no matter what. I personally don’t posses the persistence that he does.

    I also give a lot of credit to Mr. Cappy Ricks taking a chance on Bill. The man had no experience in selling lumber, but he could sure as hell sell himself. The book pointed out lessons and skills that I already know about going through my High School and College experience.

    But it did refresh the mind that you can do anything, just as long you want to do it.

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