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    The escape from kraznir Essay (701 words)

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    Touchfire went round the guard and made himself invisible. Powerfully he strangled the guard. Then calypso the warrior, little john and ambas came along. Calypso then fiercely stabbed the guard in his back. After that ambas got some food and gave it to the guard dogs to distract them. Then they passed by the dogs safely ambas then got his stones and threw it at the guards head, Witch made the guard drowsy an dizzy, little Jon got his axe out and with a deep breath he lifted his axe and dropped it on the guards head.

    This then made it easy for them to escape. But what they didn’t know is that after they had escaped there were spiders, wargs and the orcs that they had to defeat then little Jon the dwarf chopped one of the spider’s legs off he then aimed for its head which he managed to target. The first spider was dead but he started to get a little bit worried there was yet another spider he decided to get his dagger out to stab it then he got extremely angry when he found out there was a third spider. Then with all his might he stabbed the spider through the stomach.

    Then touch fire the wizard had to face the wargs. He got out his fire balls and with all his power he threw the ball at one of the wargs as soon as he threw the ball the warg lay dead on the floor. He had three more to defeat he turned the second warg into stone. And then he had two more left he got his fire ball and fiercely he chucked at the third warg and then he made the forth turn into stone. Then all there was left was the orcs all of them had to defeat the orcs ambas the troll got his long rope out immediately and hit the orc really hard and vicious.

    In less then a second the orc was lying dead on the floor. Then touch fire turned one of the orcs into stone at last there was one more orc left then calypso got her sword out and very fiercely stabbed the orc. Then they kept on travelling and saw a small boat. The boat only carries four people or the weight of four people. Then they got one bag of food and the chest and ambas and calypso then they went back with the boat and got little Jon and touch fire.

    Then they kept on travelling for a long while then they finally reached the stony desert then there was dragon’s margroths and balrogs. The only thing that calms dragon’s down is wizards so touch fire got his fire balls out and threw it at the dragon the dragon immediately calmed down while the dragon was calmed down calypso got her sword and very angrily she stabbed the dragon. Then there was the margatroths and the balrogs the only thing that margatroths can’t see is the dwarfs.

    So little Jon the dwarf got his axe out obviously the margatroth can’t see the dwarf so little Jon went behind the margatroths back. And stabbed it in the neck very viciously the margatroth was now dead there was only the balrogs. Then touch fire got some drinking water and very carefully chucked it at the balrog. Then they reached the forest of haag all there food is gone they have suffering injuries there was one more thing left. Nehemath he was an evil magician if anyone tries to pass through the forest he becomes very angry.

    Infact Nehemaths powers are much stronger then touch fires. So in that case they had to put all there powers together to defeat him there he was standing there in the forest of haag. So they done what they said they put all there powers together and cursed it on Nehemath it very strange he was still alive but all his powers were gone then calypso and ambas got there weapons out and very fiercely stabbed Nehemath then finally they all reach the river glen and they have all survived and finally they go back from were they live.

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