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    The Birth Experience Essay (1137 words)

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    Oh my goodness! She looks like it hurt so bad if someone does not get the nurse in here, I am going to scream for her. I can see the pain was unbearable as she breathe heavy while the contractions intensify. My sister giving birth to her first-born was amazing sight as a man watching. Lucky I am not scared of blood and plus I love my sister. I could not get to close to her to hold her hand but it was aggravating to be in that room watching my sister in pain as she give birth to my nephew. I was your average person living an average life.

    I was so caught up on life wondering when something amazing was going to happen to me. I was starting to think I wasn’t worthy of amazing things, while everyone around me was having miraculous things happen until The month of July, July 15, 2007 to be exact, I felt different when I woke up, slightly weird; I was thinking it was going be a good day. Funny thing was my sister found out she was pregnant. I had not noticed her sickness with me being at work until my step mother asked her, “Ma’am do you need any pads or tampons while I’m heading out? ” I looked and replied, “I don’t need hear that, text that kind of stuff. I thought she had a lot stress on her because, of all the things going on in her life.

    Surely, I did not want hear my sister say she was pregnant. She denied being pregnant, until a week or two had come and gone. I went on with my normal routine until one day she could not keep anything down. At that time I knew something was wrongI had a horrible feeling. A 20 yr. old healthy young woman not being able to eat or drink anything she was surely dying to tell me the truth. I overheard her making an appointment to the doctor she ask to receive the earliest appointment the doctor had.

    I decide to take off that of her appointment so she had to tell me what was going on with her. I went alone with her to the doctor’s office but the trip to the Doctor’s Office was like trying to swallow a pack of nails. Once we arrived, she signed in and sat down as we waited her legs were shaking so fast like a man waiting for sentence to death row. “Charl, Charlzette Jordan,” a distant voice called. She slowly rose to her feet it seemed she already knew the answer. The nurse advised that they would be drawing blood to determine the cause of her illness.

    I sat in the chair impatiently while the nurse prepared to draw her blood. The nurse placed the labels on the tubes, turned to her, and said, “Ok that’s it,” “That’s all,” she replied. She said, “Yes your results will be in within 1-2 weeks. ” As I followed the exit signs back to the lobby and out the front door I thought to myself why they don’t want tell what she really here for. As we proceeded to the car, the ride home was antagonizing no one said a word the whole ride home. Now, the next week and a half were torture until the phone rang.

    I just stood there in the kitchen after eating a double stack of pancakes, bacon, grits with butter and sugar. Oh my! The aroma of the breakfast was still in the air. Ring, ring, ring the telephone continued it was like a distant sound. I finally answered, “Hello,” the voice on the other end replied, “Good morning is Ms. Leonard available,” I answered, “Good morning”, she right here than put the phone on speaker. “Ms. Leonard we have your test results and it appears that you’re pregnant,” in amazement, I held the phone and stared my sister down until she cried.

    The nurse asked if she was still there on the count that it was so quiet. She thanked her for the update and disconnected the line, and all I could do was sit on the couch. I was so excited I ran and notified my parents they were shocked but happy. My family was going crazy with excitement. At that time she found out she was a little over 12 weeks watching that baby grow was amazing and seeing her change was amazing. The monthly trip to the doctor’s office was fun as we prepared for her baby boy arrivals.

    A baby shower was unnecessary due to the fact that my step mom went shopping crazy once we found out the sex of the baby. Soon it was time to prepare that trip to the hospital. St. Joseph here we come April 10, 2008 I was eating burger king and she started having contractions I had no idea what that horrible face she kept making was. She was slump over in pain I helped her to the truck and we drove to the hospital. She had no idea she was about to endure all the pain of becoming a mother. I could smell the fresh smell of linen in the delivery room, the bright light, as well as all the utensils needed to welcome my nephew.

    I did not know what was going to happen, but I will soon feel all the joy of watching my nephew come in to the world. It would be amazing seeing this little person for the very first time. Finally, April 11, 2008 17 long, sweaty, intense, and tiresome hours she welcomed a beautiful baby boy at 5 lbs. 11 oz. I was so proud I never knew someone that small could still everyone heart in the room that moment. I cried, I was finally able to see the baby that had been growing inside of my sister for 39 weeks. The bond we instantly had I will forever cherish and remember that day.

    Well, I guess amazing things do happen to those who wait, the wait was well worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing that I went through with my sister. I was there for my nephew like he was mines and I love him so much like he is mines. His dad was nowhere to be found so I stepped up for my sister and had her back all the way through. My experience was a very special one and, now I see that when it’s your time for amazing things to happen it will happen. There’s no way I will ever forget April 11, 2008 at 11:08 a. m. I form a bond with my nephew that no one can break and my sister realize how much I really love her and have her back.

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