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    The Articles of Confederation: Summary of Documents

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    The Articles of Confederation were created after getting the freedom from United Kingdom. It was a big problem in the beginning for the colonists to govern on so many people and a very big country. They were not successful in their first few attempts to create good government for America. In this essay we will be discussing the documents that were created by the Confederation in the early days of American history.

    Document 1

    Document one talks about the name of new country, it will be called United States of America. It states that all the original states that joined the Confederation in friendly manner and about their sovereignty and other powers. If someone committed a crime in one state, that person must be sent back to the same state when requested by that state authorities. Other states record and laws must be respected by all states. It also talks about how many delegates on state can send to congress. Freedom of speech was given and states were prohibited to make any agreement with Kings. No state will go to any war without the consent of United States congress and will not keep any war machinery in the times of peace. States must provide money to the United States Congress for defense and welfare of the country. Congress was also given a power to borrow money from other countries. (Constituion.Org 1777)

    Document 2

    Document two talks about a letter that was written by Benjamin Lincoln to George Washington. Benjamin talks abut his business and personal visits into the eastern country. He also urged George Washington to not retire. Benjamin talks about the commotions going in the country and is concerned about the mad people. He discussed about farmer named Daniel Shays who is a head of a militia. Shays also asking to print more paper money. (Founders Online 1786)

    Document 3

    Document three discuss how Thomas Jefferson introduces the bill providing religious freedom to everyone in America. Civil government and its officers are not to interfere in anyone’s religious beliefs. No one can be forced to worship or practice a religion. Everyone is free to choose or not to choose a religion. He also discussed if anyone tried to repeal or revoke this right, it will be considered unjust. (From Revolution to Reconstruction 1779)

    Document 4

    In document four, James Madison talks about the checks and balances between the different branches of the government. All departments are independent from each other to perform their work. He is also talking about the process, of how to appoint someone as a permanent head of Judiciary. After that person goes through the process, he or she must not depend on the government and should become independent to make decision. (The Avalon Project 1787)

    Document 5

    Patrick Henry talks about the dangers of the new plans that government was discussing. He is talking about the gentlemen in the committee that are willing to compromise on things that will hurt the citizens of the commonwealth. He was sad to see people willing to change the government but also said that bad laws are responsible for it. He described that government will never become successful unless it has the support of people. He wanted real checks and balances in the government. He also gave example of British government that how king has the power to overturn everything. He does not want that to happen in America. (Constitution.Org 1788)

    Document 6

    On September 17th. 1787 a wonderful, powerful and magnificent piece of paper was written. It was called “The Constitution of the United States.” Powers were given to Congress. House of representative and Senate were created. House of Representative will have two-year term and power of impeachment was given to The House of Representative. Other conditions were put in place to qualify someone to run for The House of Representatives. Each state will choose two senators and will have a six-year term. Senate has the power to impose all types of impeachments. Guidelines were provided for Congress about how to pass a bill and keep records. Congress was finally given the power of imposing and collecting the tax. Congress was allowed to create armies and post offices. No one will be granted any nobility in America and will not accept any presents while in public office. President and Vice President will have four-years term. President can be impeached if found unfit for the office by Congress. All judiciary concerned will be solved by The Supreme Court of The United States. All states must be treated equally and one state’s citizen will be treated equally in the other states. (The Charters of Freedom 1787)

    Document 7

    In 1795, peace treaty was signed by Native Indians and The United States government. It was necessary to end the war and to bring the peace. Document also discuss the rights given to the Indian tribes. For example: They were given land and United State was not to interfere in their way of life. (From Revolution to Reconstruction 1795)

    Document 8

    A former poor slave name Cato writes a petition to remain as a free man in the new-founded country. He is afraid that assembly is about to pass a new law that will make black people slaves again and will send them back to their old masters. He said that now they know how freedom looks like and taste like, it will be very hard for them to go back to slavery. Their masters were barbaric and inhuman. He stated that assembly can make a law to hang all the black people but don’t send them back to their masters. (History Matters 1781)

    Document 9

    Document nine talks about the letters sent between Abigail Adams and John Adams. Abigail is telling John not to forget women and be kind to them and not be like his ancestors. Abigail did not want husbands to have more control over ladies. He wanted a fair system for everyone. ( 1775)

    Document 10

    Document ten talks about the equality between sexes. Judith Sargent Murray gives her opinion about discrimination between sexes. She argued that women are equally intelligent and smart. She said women cannot reach their potential if they have no excess to education. In her poem she states that women’s soul and men’s soul are equal. Women can do everything that men can do, if given the opportunity. (Constitution.Org 1790)

    Five Questions

    1. Did the states that joined the union maintained their sovereignty?
    2. Why people were mad and why George Washington was looking to retire?
    3. When was Constitution formed and what type of powers were given to Congress?
    4. What were the serving terms set for President, Senate and House of Representatives?
    5. Why it was important to sign a peace treaty between Indian tribes and the United States Government?

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    The Articles of Confederation: Summary of Documents. (2021, Nov 15). Retrieved from

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