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    The Girl Who Can’t See

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    Look up, look up, please! Just this once, I swear she’s exactly above your head. Oh, huh? Where?” (looking up) “Liar! Can’t believe I fell for it again! Shut up, blind girl. You lack my innate vision.” “Ahem, but of course. I beg to differ. Trust me, sweetheart. I can still see her. That little fairy’s real angry with you. Just be grateful that she didn’t jinx you yet for denying her presence.” “(Laughing) You’re preposterous! Now go get lost before your imagination runs wild.” “My imagination shapes the way I want it to… a healthy dose of sanity I would prefer to call it, unlike some people.” (smiling complacently) “Oh well, I’ll count the number of bones you break after falling into the REAL world :P”

    “What’s up, baby?” “Up? My head, and the ceiling, and the sky beyond that… the sky isn’t the limit, by the way.” “Hmm… I know that. So, watcha doing?” “Nothing in particular…” “Bad day?” “…” “Forgot what I told you? Be mad, but not sad.” (smiling) “Yeah… that.” “So tell me… how do I look?” (new dress) “If you’re gorgeous and you know it, say ‘I am’.” “I am!” “If you’re gorgeous and you know it, and you have a face that really shows it, if you’re gorgeous and you know it, say ‘I am’.” “I am!” “Hmm… I knew Johnny Bravo reminded me of someone…”

    “Happy mad, silly sad, wanted more than I already had. Haunted by all that I dreamt, never closed an eye, never slept. No one won, you didn’t lose. No regrets then? You didn’t get to choose. If it was a burning desire, did anyone see a fire? You can’t deny it now, can you, baby? I’ve been on your head since I turned into a fairy. It’s not your fault. There’s much I don’t reveal, but trust me if you will, it’s become easier to conceal. Running away did not allure. If you respect my opinion, this was the cure. But if YOU shed a tear, then YOU’LL kill me, dear. So look up for a while. Won’t you please pass a smile? Couldn’t have made this any better. I just had to drop this letter before it was way too high a cost. I decided to get lost.”

    “Misunderstood” (crying silently) “Couldn’t you take me with you?

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