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    Sony Playstation Vs Nintendo 64 Essay

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    Sony Playstation vs Nintendo 64Essay written by UnknownIn the last two years of 1995 and 1996, the video game world was taken into another gaming dimension. The releases of the Sony Playstation in September of 1995 and the Nintendo 64 in September of 1996 has given the gaming public an enormous boost of technological advances in the home entertainment system for the common man. Sony and Nintendo soon became heated rivals as each company tries to out sell each other in the gaming marketplace.

    Eventhough the Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 are two different systems. They both have some similar qualities and some very notable differences. First of all the most notable difference between the Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 is the processing power. Most noteworthy is the fact that the Nintendo 64 is a 64-bit machine, while the Sony Playstation is only a 32-bit system. This means the Nintendo 64 can produce better graphics in a game, while the Sony Playstation’s graphics aren’t as good. The colors in the Nintendo 64’s games are more vibrant, while the Playstation’s colors seem to be more dull.

    Another difference is in the price of each of the systems. The Nintendo 64 is a bit more pricey at $199. 99 than the Sony Playstation at $149. 99. The games for each of the system also plays at vital role in the gaming marketplace.

    Both of these systems has some advantages when it comes to games. The Sony Playstation is the favorite in this category, with over 170 games with many 3rd party developers in its extensive library of games. Obviously the Nintendo 64 has less games in its library, due to the fact that the Nintendo was released a year later. The Playstation specializes in the sports genre with many different sporting titles. Sports games such as Madden football ’98, NHL’98, NBA Live ’98, and PGA Tour Golf ’98. The Nintendo 64 specializes in the action/adventure genre with various different titles.

    With action/adventure games such as Turok: the dinosaur hunter, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, and Super Mario Cart 64. The prices of the games for the Nintendo system are very expensive compared to the Sony. A Nintendo game can range in price from $59. 99 to $69. 99 and a Sony game can cost between $39. 99 and $49.

    99. Another difference between the Nintendo 64 and the Sony Playstation is the media in which the games are stored. The Nintendo uses cartridges to store its games while Sony’s machine is CD-ROM based. The Nintendo provides superior access times (which means you don’t have to wait as long as a game loads, etc. ).

    However, Sony’s CD-ROM is far less expensive to produce (a CD-ROM game is usually about $20 less than a cartridge game), offers much greater storage capacity (allowing games to be more in depth and to contain more game data), and the CD-ROM provides CD-quality audio during gameplay. The Nintendo 64 can produce high-quality audio, but it isn’t as good as CD-quality audio, and it uses more processing power. In conclusion, the Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation have some similar qualities and some very different qualities. The video game industry has been becoming more advanced every single year. The consumer in the electronic marketplace has been given many choices by the recent releases by Sony and Nintendo.

    The choice can be a difficult one because of the differences in both of the gaming systems. The purchase can be determined through a comparison of Sony and Nintendo 64. A consumer can see the differences in graphics, price, the processing power, and the type of games the game system specializes in.English Essays

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