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    Robin Rihanna Fenty: A Person of the Year

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    Robin Rihanna Fenty is a celebrity who has reached fame through her songs,but as she done anything with her fame? There is an award someone can win that is given by TIME’s MAGAZINE which tells the people how close they are to being a hero, and this award is called the Person of the Year. Robin Rihanna Fenty should be nominated for Person of the Year for releasing the largest foundation skin tone line, turning down an opportunity to perform at the NFL to support a protest, and Robin has created a charity that helps people with emergencies and education.

    Robin Fenty has rejected Super Bowl’s request to perform at halftime to support Colin Kaepernick protest in standing during the national anthem. Nicholas Hautman a journalist from US Weekly states, “Kaepernick…was the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem in a peaceful protest of police brutality and racial inequality. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, 30, has not played since stirring controversy during the 2016 season.”(Hautman). Here is revealing what the protest was about and why the people were so interested in it. This is also showing how the NFL has reacted to the protest that was taken while the national anthem was playing. Since the protest, some people have debated whether or not the NFL as acted right. While others are willing to show where they stand by not supporting the NFL anymore. Wither it came to not watching the NFL on TV anymore or performing at halftime. Hautman than continues to quote ,“ ‘The NFL and CBS really wanted Rihanna to be next year’s performer in Atlanta, “ the insider reveals. “They offered it to her, but she said no because of the kneeling controversy. She doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance’ “(Hautman). This is revealing Rihanna’s stance and feelings regarding the protest and her feelings about how the NFL chose not to play Kaepernick anymore since his protest. Rihanna also must have agreed to the protest because of her skin tone leaning towards the darker side suggesting that she must’ve known how it felt to be overlooked by the country, or it is because she has seen what the dark-skinned people go through by watching the news. Relating to the protest, Rihanna showing supporting the darker side of the skin keeps going.

    Continuing the reasons why Rihanna should be nominated for Person of the Year, Rihanna has produced and released the most diverse skin foundation line that doesn’t concentrate on the brighter side of the skin as they regularly do.In the article The Pudding written by Jason Li states,”Shortly after Fenty’s launch, they challenged the newcomer in an Instagram post noting that 40 shades of foundation were “nothing new” since they’ve had 40 shades since 2015. Rihanna was unimpressed. She quickly shot back with two comments: “lol. still ashy 🤷🏽‍♀️” and “shook.” Jason Li is revealing Rihanna’s feelings of different brands stating how they always had a foundation that caters to the darker side of the skin too. Rihanna might’ve called the brand’s foundation ashy because they were still too light or instead they were just way too dark. This would affect the darker community because they would have to have a face that was brighter than there normal skin, or they would have to mix other foundations together to get that right combination that fits there skin.Jason Li continues explaining why Rihanna is right,“By extracting the lightness value of the color swatches on each brand’s website, we can get a better idea of whether their shades are evenly distributed or not.

    Fenty’s Pro Filter foundation evenly supports a greater range of skin tones, excelling on both the darkest and lightest ends of the spectrum.In contrast, 31 of Make Up For Ever’s 40 shades fall in the 60-90 lightness range, primarily catering to light and tanned skin tones.”(Li). Li is explaining how Rihanna’s foundation line is outshining Make Up For Ever’s foundation line by placing the colors of the foundation together and observing which side is supporting either the lighter side more or the darker side. Rihanna might’ve felt that she needed to make a makeup line that favors the darker side of the skin more because different famous makeup brands have been failing because they concentrated on the lighter side of the skin more than focusing on all of the colors of the skin. With Rihanna making a foundation line that has focused on the dark side of the skin has helped those people find the right shade, but Rihanna isn’t done with helping people get what she believes they deserve.

    With the work Rihanna has done in 2018 it doesn’t finish by making a diverse foundation line. In fact, she has made a charity foundation titled after her grandparents that helps kids around the world to get the education that they deserve and to help their families with emergencies.The Clara Lionel Foundation has stated, “that they are not an ordinary foundation they are teachers, and students working to help the 263 million people get the education they deserve. By getting the education they deserve they are using education as a weapon of injustice and inequality.”(Lionel).The Clara foundation is proposing that they are not merely a company trying to assist people with a blank face, that actuality, they are people who are in their education system but understand that they aren’t the only ones that deserve to learn. They believe that in fact, everyone should have the right to learn. This organization is also trying to say that by them giving kids the education we are advancing as a society. Us progressing towards a goal where everyone gets the education they deserve instead of only some people being taught how the world works. This company continues stating that they are changing the world by giving the kids something that they severely need to move to go forth into the world, but this doesn’t stop at providing education to kids.

    The Clara Lionel Foundation as also continued saying they, “priority acting immediately when a major disaster hits a town or city by focusing on making sure people had the education and supplies they would need if a disaster happened. That since 2016 they have donated 735,025 supplies for multiple events that happened throughout the years”(Lionel). This statement is explaining the other forms of support the foundation has shown beside providing kids an education. This is including how they have helped people in need by providing supplies the people need including making sure that before a catastrophe appears that the people are prepared. The company is also establishing the fact they have helped people by providing a high number of supplies and that they have given those said supplies as quickly as possible so that the people in need can be rescued sooner. This organization that was created by Rihanna has been assisting people around the world , young, and old through using education as a tool to overcome inequality and rescuing people in need by giving them the supplies they need.

    In addition, Rihanna should be chosen for the Person of the Year award because the award shows that the person has helped the world be a little better. She should be chosen for helping people when tragedy struck, providing kids a step up into the world, and for creating a brand that concentrates on making every skin color feel beautiful. In total Rihanna has executed many things in the year 2018 that is worthy of an award.

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