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Renaissance crash course flash cards

What place that based its wealth from textile merchants and bankers became known as the center of the renaissance
When did the florentine Renaissance reach its peak
During lifetime of Lorenzo the magnificent(1449-1492)
Who was Giovanni Pico de Mirandola
Wrote on the oration of the dignity of man which celebrated the human potential for greatness

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Rejected medieval scholasticism and instead advocated a curriculum based on roman and Greek studies, classics, rhetorics, and history
Who was Lorenzo Valla
Used Renaissance scholarship and powerful linguistic and historical analysis to show that the donation of Constantine was actually a fraud
Bald assure Castilligione
Wrote the courtier which described the ideal Renaissance man
What did Castiligione say about women in his Courtier
The perfect woman should be well educated and charming. They should inspire art but not create it
Habsburg Valois wars
Lorenzo the Magnificent died with out leaving behind a strong leader. King Charles VII invaded with goal of conquering Naples. Ferdinand in Spain didn’t like this and it started series of wars. Spain won but it involved al, the city states
Who is considered the founder of modern political science
“The whole land of Italy is with out a head, without an order, been beaten, spoiled, torn in pieces, overrun, and abandoned to destruction in every shape. She prays to God to send someone to rescue her from these barbarous cruelties.”

Who wrote this and what is he talking about

Machiavelli and his disappointment in the Hapsburg Valois wars
Who was the first feminist in the Renaissance age
Christine de Pizan
What were Christian humanist committed to
Northern Renaissance people committed to moral and institutional reform
Praise of folly
Written by Erasmus about satire with greedy merchants, priests, and quarrelsome scholars
What type of Renaissance man was erasmus
Northern renaissance
A perfect society off the coast of the new world that advocated religious toleration, humanist education for men and women,
Micheal de Montaigne
One of the most influential essay writers of the French Renaissance. Famous question: what do I know?
What did the printing press do
Like today’s Internet, promoted freedom of expression, rapid spread of information, and challenged power of authorities to control views
Created the first royal army in France, responsible for the taille and gabelle, and concluded the Hundred Years’ War by expelling England from franxe
Charles 7
Who established the Concordat of Bologna with Pope Leo that authorized the king to appoint bishops etc to the Catholic Church in frabce
Francis 1
Who completed the reconquizta
Ferdinand and Isabella
What did Henry VIII do to the Catholic Church
Declared himself the supreme head and dissolved their monasteries and confiscated their land

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Renaissance crash course flash cards
What place that based its wealth from textile merchants and bankers became known as the center of the renaissance Florence When did the florentine Renaissance reach its peak
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Renaissance crash course flash cards
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