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    Regulation Of Aviation On A Federal, State And Loc Essay

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    al LevelRegulation of Aviation at the Federal, State and Local LevelAviation has an impact on everybody and everything. Not only does it have an impact on a worldwide base, but it also has as big an impact on local business. Aviation in regulated in many different ways nationwide.

    There are many regulations that are federal, such as airspace, and must be obeyed by everyone and there are regulations that are local, such as traffic pattern altitude, and must be obeyed as if they were federal regs. As in any other field of work there are laws and regulations people must obey by. If people were allowed to do what ever they want, then we would live in a world of chaos. There are many different levels of regulation in the aviation industry. Mostly it is subsidized in to three categories, which would be Federal, state and local.

    Now each category has many regulations and each one must be followed very carefully for its the base of our safety. The laws vary greatly but all serve the same purpose. What the aviation industry has to make up all these regulations is what we call the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration. They act with the DOT (Department of Transportation) to provide a smooth transition of all aircraft, airmen and air safety.

    On top of that there are many other administrations, departments, bureaus, commissions and boards that regulate aviation. The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) also works to provide safety within the aviation world. Each department has its own function and provides some sort contribution to the aviation industry. The FAA though is pretty much what regulates and inspects everything that has to do with aviation. The FAA regulates everything from the first bolt that was put into an airplane to a captain in a 747.

    Now the level in which it enforces it is very different. Within the FAA there are thousands of departments handling all the above. People employed by the FAA range from Pilots to Lawyers to Mechanics. Each one of them has some type of contribution to regulations.

    Like for example a Pilot would do the test flights and make sure the airplane is airworthy. Or maybe even check out a Pilot to make sure he is airworthy. Now the Lawyers job is somewhat different. The lawyers job in the FAA is to review violations of the regulations and see whose fault it actually was. The FAA handles cases and regulates on a nationwide basis, but each level is regulated differently.

    On a local level the regulations are somewhat different. For example like traffic pattern altitudes, these figures are different in every single airport. That shows enforcement on local regulation. Now of course thats as simple as it gets. Local regulation is usually of the airport it involves. Like lets say every airport has many different procedures.

    Lets take Republic airport in Long Island. Now republic airport is a general aviation airport with corporate jets flying in and out of it. Now some of the regulations, which apply or are made by Republic, are noise abatement. Noise abatement is a procedure you most follow in order to comply with airport departure procedures.

    Every single airport in the country is different so no single one will have to same procedures. Then also instrument procedures and minimums according to the airport elevation and also obstruction clearance it differs. There are set minimums by the federal regulation in case the airport doesnt have minimums, but each airport institutes its own minimums depending on the type of instrument approach it has. Airspeeds are also a local regulation.

    Now there are set standards for airspeeds all around the nation, but in the local area each airport has it maxs and mins. All these regulations are also dealt by the FAA but the local ATC and airport administration are involved in seeing whats safe for the airport. Not only does the airport admin. Have say in it but also the people of around the neighborhood, in the case of Republic. In this case it would towards the noise abatement.

    People do not really enjoy having corporate jets flying over their house at five hundred feet above the ground at twelve mid night. Included in these local regulation there are State regulations which then apply to everything that has to do with aviation in that state. Now the state regulates aviation in many ways as well. Pretty much all of aviation in regulated by the FAA, but in smaller level the states have something to do with it.

    Just like every department related to the United States government, the FAA is also a democracy. Being a democracy it depends on all of its supporters to come vote and also submit ideas. In such a manner the state officials is involved in aviation. On top of that in every state there are what is called FSDOs or Flight Standards Districts Office. These offices are located all around the state. Within these offices are all the departments of the FAA.

    The FSDO makes sure that all the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) are carried out and not violated. We at Republic Airport have a FSDO. This office makes sure that no violations within a certain distance are violated. Then there is one in Albany, which also performs most of the same duties. There is much regulation state wise towards aviation.

    The only regulation is over the FSDOs and thats to make sure everything is running properly. Where the FAA has the most control is over the nation and it controls it on a federal level. The FAA was created in nineteen fifty-eight to control air traffic. Due to the growing quantity on air traffic an organization was developed to organize and keep airplanes flying smoothly.

    Now the FAA is in control of pretty much the whole aviation industry. The FAA regulates aviation in many different ways. What the FAA does is make up regulations that have to be followed nationwide. They control everything from certification of seven forty sevens to certification of a recreational pilot. The FAA is like the DMV of the skies.

    Their main responsibility is to ensure the safety of all aviators and if their safety is compromised to see why it happened and try to prevent it from happening again. The FAA has the authority to suspend a license from a pilot or even ground an airplane from flying. It says in the FAR that the pilot in command of the airplane has the last say whether the airplane flies or not. If the airplane is not airworthy and the pilot decides to fly it anyway, the pilot will suffer the consequences if the FAA finds out about it.

    All rules and regulations the FAA makes are meant to be followed nationwide. For example pilot who fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) follow federal airways. Federal airways are airways used to Aleve traffic and know where the airplane is. No the airways are made and enforced by the FAA. The FAA also has to maintain these airways by making sure the VORs (Very High Frequency Omnirange Receiver) are working.

    Within the FAA there are different departments that handle all these matters, but the main head is the FAA. Besides the FAA there are department like the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) which for example would handle the JFK accident. They are in-charge of see the cause and way that the airplane crashed, or got into an accident. As you see many different people and agencies control aviation in many different ways. Even though we are only Pilots who steer the airplane, people seem to forget we handle millions of lives a day, usually more lives than a Doctor, so there are many reason to have so much control over the industry. Without this control and security the aviation industry would be chaos and people would refuse to fly.

    Now because of all the restriction and regulations, flying has become the safest method of travel. Aviation Essays

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