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Reading Poems All But Blind

Who wrote “All But Blind”?
Walter de la Mare
Who is the speaker in the poem “All But Blind”?
a human
What patterns of rhyming words is each verse of “All But Blind”/
The last words of the 2nd and 4th lines rhyme.
Reading Poems All But Blind

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What is the likely reason thae speaker wrote “All But Blind”
to explain his view of his small world
What is All But Blind about?
a speaker who describes 3 animals who are all limited by sight, but make the speaker realize if he is as blind to a higher power
What is the best paraphrase of the stanza: And Blind as are/These 3 to me/ So blind to someone I must be is
I see as little compared to a higher being as these animals see as compared to me
Discuss the idea of blindness in All But Blind. What does blindness represent to the speaker:
The speaker means that being blind means that not only having no eyesight, but also having personal limitations. The speaker feels that he/she may seem blind to a higher power.

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Reading Poems All But Blind
Who wrote "All But Blind"? Walter de la Mare Who is the speaker in the poem "All But Blind"? a human
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Reading Poems All But Blind
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