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Reaction to Tuesdays with Morrie Essay

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Tuesdays with Morrie is a phenomenal book. Lately I have been too busy to read books, so I have skimmed them, but when I started to read this book, I could not put it down. A strong student-teacher relationship is really unknown these days.

In most instances it is a US against THEM mentality with the students being the US and the teachers being the THEM. In an education setting this can occur, when this wall is thrown up, there are too many obstacles to try and overcome. I liked this book for several reasons. One being I had a teacher in my senior year in high school who was my inspiration.

She pushed me and motivated me to go over and beyond the call of duty and to that I give her many thanks. Whenever I had a problem I could go and talk to her and she would be there for me. At times she was my mom and other times she was a friend. Just like Mitch, there were times in which Morrie served as Mitch’s teacher and other times when he was just a friend.

When I first looked at the book cover I wondered why was the title what it was. Then after reading the book and realizing that everything they did took place on a Tuesday made perfect sense. Morrie’s classes were on Tuesdays, his office hours were on Tuesdays, their get togethers were on Tuesdays, and so was Morrie’s funeral. Symbolism and irony is what I could call this. By this being a true story, it is really awkward that all these events occurred on Tuesdays. I definitely believe in spirituality and fate and it was truly fate when Mitch saw the television and it mentioned something about Morrie.

Then this started the Tuesday class sessions. Morrie’s courage was very evident, he was not afraid to die, unlike most of us. Most people are terrified of death, and it is hard to deal with it, especially when you do not know when it is going to occur. However, Morrie knew death was approaching soon and he did not show fear. He continued to live his life as any other person would. Although he could not do the things he did before or as most healthy people did, he was still a fighter who refused to just stop living.

Morrie said he knew it would be trouble as soon as someone had to wipe his ass. This was hard for many reasons, one being he knew death was soon and two he is a man. Men are not suppose to ask for help (at least that is what some people think) especially not to help wipe their ass. This book is the best example of how you need to tell people how you feel before it is too late. Morrie had double trouble, his professor was dying and his brother who had cancer did not want to talk to him. During hard and difficult times, I have come to the realization that family is the best medicine for me.

This book should me how perseverance can get you through anything. Most often the important things we learn in life do not come from a textbook, but from those around us. I often wonder why would I have spent almost $100,000 for a degree so I may go into another school and pay about $150,000. Our society is really weird. Although education is the key, sometimes I wonder if I know more things than I did when I was in High School.

A lot of the information has been the same with a few minor twists. Tuesdays with Morrie, was truly a story dealing with life and death, how dying man turned death into a beautiful thing? Morrie had an excellent point, when you die people come to your funeral and say great things about you. The problem with this is you never hear them. So Morrie decided to have a living funeral, so all those who wanted to thank him or say something special could actually have the opportunity to do so.

Morbid in a sense yes, however once again, makes a lot of sense. This .

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