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    Qualities of Leadership Essay (1249 words)

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    The dictionary defines leadership as a critical management skill; it is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal.

    These qualities will help you develop your skills as a leader. Leaders play a very huge role whether the task that they are taking on is big or small. The leaders face special challenges as they try to communicate and interact with their followers and potential followers to understand and know what they think and what they do. Leaders should know that creativity and innovation are the life of their organization.

    The mission of every leader should be to search continually for ideas and programs that are better for the organization that they are currently committed to; which is progress. When you think about a leader you think of someone who possesses a number of qualities. You would like to think that they are enthusiastic, have good judgment, and are intelligent, a good people person, and a great speaker. You can go on and on naming what you think are good qualities.

    Leaders need to be very open-minded or else they will not get very far in what they trying to accomplish. A good leader has to be articulate, strong-minded, and intelligent. Being intelligent is a way that they can reach many different people on many different levels. An intelligent person can back up all of their ideas and skills. Some of the people that have these skills are Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, Fannie Mae, Martin Luther King Jr.

    the lists goes on these were some of the leaders that were very fundamental to the civil rights movement. Cassius Clay was a very outspoken person. He had a close relationship with Malcolm X He was not liked by a lot of people either. He was a very popular boxer.

    Cassius Clay converts to Islam and changes his name to Muhammad Ali. In 1966, when he is drafted for Vietnam, Ali draws criticism when he refuses to serve. Banned from boxing and stripped of his title, Ali stays in the spotlight, speaking against the war. He always said what he felt.

    Ali made comments about the war they were said to be” unpatriotic” and if he did not apologize for making the comments he would not be able to participate in the big upcoming fight. They had him apologize or that’s what they though he was going to do but he did not apologize so they cancelled the fight. He did not believe in wars so he was not going to support them. He showed leadership in standing up for what he thought was right. His boldness made him stand out in the crowd he spoke his mind and did not care what anybody else thought and that made him a great example to look up to and to follow.

    On April 28, 1968 the Houston induction ceremony took place. This is where men would be drafted into the armed forces. They called Muhammad Ali and then they called Cassius Clay he did not step forward for either name. When he did not step forward that meant he refused to be inducted. The penalty for him refusing to be inducted was a five year sentence in prison.

    Two years later his conviction was overturned and he was released from prison. He stood up for what he believed was right even though they wanted to penalize him for it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important leader of the Civil Rights movement as well as a Nobel Prize winner.

    He proved that civil disobedience was an effective weapon against depression. King’s challenges to segregation and racial discrimination in the 1950’s and 1960’s helped convince many white americans to support the cause of Civil Rights in the United States. King has stared and led many campaigns. He played a huge role during the civil rights movement. The day he died the nation lost a great man. When he passed people started to things their own way and their ways were disheveled they were lost without their leader which caused chaos.

    This shows how important he was. Malcolm X is a man that promoted a society in which all human beings were treated equally. Malcolm X was a very powerful and influential person. He is one of many civil rights leaders that have made many strides for blacks.

    He believed in a different approach than non-violence. He was very influential among the younger blacks. He formed his own organization called Black Nationalism. To his admirers, he was a courageous advocate for the rights of African Americans, a man who pointed the finger at white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans.

    He had a significant purpose and clear picture of a future that he wanted. Fannie Lou Hamer, secretary of the SNCC, she was also an outspoken advocate for civil rights for African Americans. Hamer was an inspirational figure to many involved in the struggle for civil rights. She was a humanitarian.

    She helped many blacks register to vote; in the process of her registering to vote she almost lost her job. She was not going to let that stop her from getting equal treatment and to get the rights that the constitution says. She received constant death threats and was even shot at. Still, Hamer would not be discouraged. She displayed a great deal of dedication which a very fundamental leadership skill. Mrs.

    Hamer was the one of the many women who kept the NWPC going and on its feet. Another reason it was created was because the democrats were preventing the blacks from voting. Hamer faced a lot of negativity and of course plenty of angry people. This did not stop her from trying as hard as she could to get people to register to vote.

    All the NWPC wanted was equal rights, but it seems like that was a little too much to ask for in Old Miss. The voted, and after the voting took place there was a gathering at the Lincoln Memorial. Fannie Hamer had made it clear that her work was not even close to being finished. She was going to continue doing what she did until her voice was heard and she was paid attention to. Willa B.

    Player, a strong supporter of the civil rights movement and the first black woman to head a four-year college in the United States. Player was a quiet but essential contributor to the struggle for civil rights in the south. When students at Bennett College, the North Carolina school she supervised over for ten years in the 1950s and 1960s, were jailed during lunch counter sit-ins, Player brought their assignments to their jail cells, insuring that their studies would not be interrupted. She was broadly known for her bold decision to host an important early speech by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Player served as an inspiration to several generations of female students.

    Without these people running and playing a role in the movement; some things that have taken place would have not gotten as far if we did not have these people. Everyone had a role and they played it very well. They were committed to their goals although all were not achieved one thing that can not be said is that did not put their best foot forward when they were completing their tasks. We blacks were blessed with very strong leaders that knew what they were doing.

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