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    Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Supporters

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    Abortion is one in many topics in were people have different points of view. Encyclopedia Britannica defines abortion as; “the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it has reached the stage of viability (in human beings, usually about the 20th week of gestation).” Abortions have always been a topic of controversy and by consequence two main groups have emerged with opposite points of views. These groups are the ones on the side of protecting life and the other group which defends women decisions. Doesn’t matter much how many perspectives and points of view exist regarding abortion, we must realize that there is a life that we are throwing away, we are taking away the life of a creature. The most worrisome situation of abortion is the lack of knowledge and understanding from both the people that practice it and the people that fight against it. Because of this, a full background story will be described ahead; Abortion has been practiced for hundreds of years for many different motives, but it not was until late eighteen hundred that it was declared as prohibited. In the United States, this practice was banned totally because of two main reasons; first, because they considered this was a practice against their own personal beliefs regarding taking the life away from a person.

    Second, because this was a dangerous practice and most of the time it endangered the life of the women that carried the baby. After years passed, many new medical discoveries and technological advances came up to light and it helped preserve the life of the carrier but not even then this practice came to being legal here in the United States. On January 22, 1973, the U.S Supreme court started and declared a whole new landmark decision for women rights in the United States, this was the well-known declaration “Roe V. Wade” which highlighted the new constitutional rights that all women should have inside the United States; These new rights declared that all women should have the right to privacy on their own personal desitions of their body. Today this is the law of the land; nonetheless, new restrictions have appeared to regulate this activity for the safety of the mothers. The most controversial dilemmas of this issues are the own personal beliefs of where life begins inside a mother belly. Those in favor of abortion often think that life begins not until the baby is out of the mother’s belly and it’s capable to breathe and move by itself.

    On the other hand, some think that life begins not until week 24th and 25th which is approximately the time that takes for the embryo to develop into a body with well-developed body parts. There are even more extreme believers that think that a mother has the right to do whatever they want to the baby until it is capable of supplying its own needs outside their mother’s womb. On the other hand; there are the Pro-Life supporters which have the idea and beliefs that life begins at the moment of conception, that’s the instant in which a men’s sperm comes into contact with the woman’s egg cell to form the zygote The “Fetal Homicide Law” violence act of 2004 which was signed by the former president George W. Bush stated that any injury, harm or murder of a fetus inside a woman’s womb would be considered as a federal crime inside the United States. This is where the Pro-Life supporters and the Pro-choice follower’s debate at what point the embryo is considered a fetus. Also, this is where the pro-Choice debates on how can a law protect both the women and its fetus in case of an external attack and not in a situation of abortion. Another important debate between the pro-life and pro-choice supporters is in what type of repercussions the pregnant women could have during and after a dangerous procedure of abortion. Pro-choice supporters state that no harm comes from the long and dangerous procedure. On the other side pro-life have demonstrated all the many repercussions that women could have after this procedure or from miscarriages.

    Currently, these pro-life supporters have created campaigns around the world to inform what kind of harm can come to women if they practice this procedure, these consequences are both physical and physiological in women. Within this physical damage, it can affect and weaken the cervix in women and in many cases it can damage the uterus by leaving scars in this organ. These consequences are just a few of many others that come alongside with this practice. To make matters worst there can a be a bigger consequence which is the impossibility to get pregnant in the future because of the weak and damaged cervix. From the perspective of a woman, there could not be a worst consequence than not being able to conceive a child. Another important issue in the abortion controversy is the relationship between politics and religion.

    As we all know there is not a more debatable topic than religion, by consequence it gets into play personal beliefs and interpretation of their religious rules. Many modern religious followers have interpreted the abortion as a personal decision that can be respected and well forgiven. On the other side, some believe that life can’t be taken away by humans decision regarding the situation of the pregnancy. It is a belief that a life can only be taken away if God pleases to and only then. The other side of the religious perspective is that a woman can decide whatever they want as long as they are happy and sure about it and that God only wants the mother to be happy. This is why this religious debate is sometimes difficult to discuss since it lacks facts and concrete fundamentals. In the Christian religious perspective, we can consider some passages from the bible which are the following; In Psalm chapter 139:13 it says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”. Also in Jeremiah chapter twenty-nine verse eleven, it says, “ For I know the thoughts I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”. In addition, in Exodus chapter 20:13 it states, “You shall not murder.” On the political side of this fight, it can be described somewhat easily same as many other topics in politics.

    Each side takes a side and uses it to gather masses and obtain votes on their favor. In the specific case of the politics in the United States Democrats tend to support the Pro-Choice supporters and on the opposite side Republicans follow and help the life supporters. In recent years the sides in which politics stand has been not to clear and sometimes it tends to switch depending on the situation. After the Roe V. Wade, Supreme Court case, not many new laws have been implemented, but only regulations have been created to protect women in cases of abortion. Even though all these ideas may seem in favor to preserve the life of future little creatures, this writing is intended to show all the realities that this procedure can have in all women. Many situations can be presented in life, some of them come without our control and some of them can be avoided if we intend to. There are cases like rapes and sexual abuses that are shameful and can have negative impacts on the lives of young women.

    Situations like this have to be considered before judging or imposing a definite decision. We also see situations where women use this tool as an contraceptive method to avoid pregnancy and unwanted trouble from carrying a baby. This type of cases is just an example of how this emergency procedure has been used to escape from the consequences of bad decisions taken on a certain point in life. This is where we must take into consideration and put into in the balance and see what worth more and how we must fix this issue. Sometimes running away from the immediate consequence can bring a bigger and even more harmful consequence from the desitions we make. The best decisions are made when the individual is informed and has taken every perspective into consideration and with a calm head, they take the time to decide. Doing the contrary consequences can be even more harmful and dangerous.

    Thus, there are many points of view regarding abortions, everyone must take into consideration the life that is being thrown away. Rights that every woman have must always be taken into consideration but one must see the whole situation, analyze it and consider that the baby also has a right to live and have a life. It does not matter if it’s still not a completely developed human being, but what matters is that one day it is going to be a beautiful creature that could be around us, only if we could give the unborn a chance, despite any mistake that we could have made or even something that was not on our plans, what if you were that fetus that never had a chance to live?.

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