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    POSEIDON Essay

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    POSEIDON: In Greek mythology creation was divided between three mainGods. Zeus ruled the sky; Hates ruled the underworld, and their brother Poseidonruled over all of the water on earth. He lived on the sea floor, in a castlemade out of coral, and he drove a chariot that was pulled by white horses. TheGreeks claim he created the first horse.

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Category:EnglishPaper Title:Text:POSEIDONIn Greek mythology creation was divided between three main Gods. Zeus ruledthe sky; Hates ruled the underworld, and their brother Poseidon ruled over allof the water on earth. He lived on the sea floor, in a castle made out of coral,and he drove a chariot that was pulled by white horses. The Greeks claim hecreated the first horse. Poseidon, however was very moody and temperamental. When he was happy or in agood mood the oceans were calm and safe for sailors, and he would create newislands in the water.

    But when Poseidon was unhappy or upset, the seas wererough and dangerous. He would cause hurricanes, shipwrecks and drown people. Sailors depended on him for safe trips, and they would drowned horses as asacrifce and as a gift to the God of the Sea. Poseidon, like many other gods fathered illigetimate children with mortals aswell as goddesses, and sometimes even animals. Some of his children are; Thesus,Orion, Amycus, Proteus, and Belus. One of his affairs with a Gorgon, Medusa,resulted in Pegasus, a flying horse.

    His affair with his sister Demeter isperhaps the best known of his affairs. She wasant interested, and turned herselfinto a horse to get away from him. Poseidon changed into a stallion to followher. Their affair resulted in the birth of a horse named Arion. Poseidon was a very competitive God.

    In one competition, he and the goddessAthena were competing for the city of Athens. Poseidon threw down his spear andmade the Spring at Acropolis. Athena made an olive tree, and won over the peopleof Athens. Poseidon was so upset about his loss that he flooded the Attic Plain. During the Trojan War Poseidon helped Greek ships sail quickly and made thewater safe for the ships and sailors.

    One solider named Odysseus bragged toPoseidon claming he was responsible for the victory, not the God. Poseidon wasso mad about this he would not let Odysseus return home for ten years. Works Cited1. Lindemans, M.

    F. Encyclopedia Mythica Feb. 17, 2001. http://www. pantheon.

    org2. Skidmore, Joel. MythWeb Feb. 18, 2001http://www. mythweb.

    com3. Mythology The Story of Gods Feb. 19, 2001

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