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    The Poems of Robert Bloomfield (1088 words)

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    How does the poet vividly convey Ideas concerning the Influence that nature has upon man? Compare and Contrast at least two poets from cluster one giving detailed close analysis throughout. (Comparison of ‘Overlooking the River Stout’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Landscape’ by Michael Langley. ) Equally ‘Overlooking the River Stout’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘Landscape’ by Michael Langley portray to the reader that nature can consume and Influence mans’ behavior. They also both highlight how easily hinge can come and go through our lives unnoticed and insignificant, without realizing its value until it’s lost.

    Longlegs use of simile is very effective when conveying to the reader the influence of nature upon man. Using the simile ‘Like a hillside neighbor Erased by sea mist’ portrays how when he is at one with nature and within nature he can so easily be consumed and mesmerism. It shows that even the things closest to him can be ‘Erased’ as if they never existed; this gives a sense that he Is now vulnerable because nature has blinded him; Langley gives the reader the Impression that nature is allowing him gradually losing himself.

    Similarly Hardy uses the same technique to show how he was consumed in nature. His ballad Overlooking the River Stout tells a story of how due to his obsession in nature he lost something close to him, his wife. The simile ‘like little crossbows animate The swallows flew In curves of eight’ in the first stanza, through the contrast of a swallow to an implement of battle that due to his fascination and obsession in nature these beautiful creatures have been turned into reasons for him and his wife to fight.

    Also the use of the shape ‘eight’ suggests the infinity symbol, suggests that Hardy Is In an endless cycle which suggests the extent at which he Is consumed by nature. And that as long as he is in this cycle with nature he will also be in an endless cycle of war with his wife, and the ‘swallows’ will remain as ‘crossbows. ‘ Hardy’s poem uses pathetic fallacy to mimic the mood within the poem. The fact that it is raining through every stanza creates a monotonous feeling, It seems to resemble him and his wife’s drab relationship.

    The use of pathetic fallacy not only sets the mood but also allows the reader to appreciate how easily the weather affect us as humans and cause a change in our moods. In contrast, Langley uses the structure of his poem to show how nature has occupied him; towards the end of the poem enjambment Is used to represent how his thoughts have been lost in nature ‘And the otter’s skidpans melting into the water this not only uses the enjambment to represent how broken and dismembered his thought are but uses the metaphor to show how his thought are being washed as he Is absorbed deeper and deeper Into nature and its complexity.

    Longlegs poem however uses several different techniques to show natures effect on man, the use of sibilance within ‘Landscape’ vividly conveys how nature can influence someone’s thoughts. Within stanza one ‘Like skeins of sheep’s wool: is a bulls horn silting’ depicts how before the poet was at peace in nature all his complicated thoughts were tangled and intertwined, however now they due to the use of intense sounds, such as ‘s’ which allows the reader to further think and articulate themselves around the point as the techniques use makes the stanza AR more predominant. As a whole Longlegs poem ‘landscape’ has a far more rounded ending.

    The simple summary lines are very effective in summary, and the modest use of enjambment effectively conveys the poems message – that no matter how at peace you become with nature, nature will still take its course. The beginning of the stanza, which is an enjambment between the previous stanza ‘Melting into water’ already creates a dismal mood, however shows how easily the ‘otter’ can disappear and become one with nature. Then the final three lines of the stanza A mouth drawn to a mouth’ Showing the inevitability of life, how nature continues as normal and the ‘otter’ swallows the ‘minnow. The suggestion of distorting the water ‘ Digests the glass between Me and my reflection. ‘ Shows how quickly something disappears, it was there and then the water was disturbed and anything that was visible is now invisible. This emphasizes the overall power of nature and inevitability of life: we live, and then we die, there is no choice in it, it happens to any living creature. In contrast Hardy’s poem does not have the same satisfactory summary , the only way we can find out how the poem should be thought to end is by looking at his biography.

    The poems overall message is about his relationship with his wife. ‘Overlooking the River Stout’ is written in ballad form which tends to tell an idyllic story, however tells anything but an idyllic story through the use of idyllic scenery in nature. The poem leaves the reader on an unsure edge. The lines to see the more behind my back… O never I turned, but let, alack. ‘ show Hardy’s recognition that he should eve paid more attention to his wife and not have been so consumed in nature, as at the time the more important thing to him lay closer and was simply not visible because he wouldn’t turn and look.

    It again emphasizes the power of nature alike in ‘landscape. ‘ The use of ellipsis in the lines is a powerful way of conveying to the reader his regret in not appreciating his wife, it allows the reader a second to think and reflect about his recognition of this. The final line ‘These less things hold my gaze’ shows how now Hardy realizes that nature is everywhere and can be looked at NY time and he should have appreciated the more important things in life.

    However the lack of definite ending leaves the reader on an edge, it isn’t stated whether he leaves his wife, or whether he is still with her Just realizes he hadn’t valued her like he should have. Looking into his life further the poem is written whilst he was with his second wife and that it was a reminiscence of things he regrets doing in his life. The fact that there isn’t a definite ending makes the poem powerful as it intrigues the reader and allows them to realist the power of nature upon man.

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