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    Poetry and Younger Walter Essay

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    Does the evidence appeal to pity or include a personal attack? Literary terms: Dialogue: words that characters in play speak to each other. Playwright: person who writes plays. Conflict: problem or struggle that drives a story plot. Verse: group of lines in a poem or a song. Rhyme: repetition of the final sounds of words that creates a musical effect. Rhyme scheme: pattern of rhymes. (ABACA) Rhythm: musical quality that poets create by repeating sounds, words and lines. Stanza: a section or verse of a poem. Drama: writing that is meant to be performed for an audience.

    Archetype: a familiar type of character (hero, villain, damsel in distress). Motif: a dominant idea or pattern in a literary composition. (The American Dream). Simile: a fugue of speech that directly compares two things through some connective word, usually being “like”, “as”, “than”, or a verb such as “resembles”. Onomatopoeia: the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named. Alliteration: repetition of sounds. Blank verse: verse without rhyme, especially that which uses iambic pentameter. Couplet: a pair of verses that finish a sonnet. They work as one stanza.

    Free verse: poem with no rhyme or rhythm. Meter: the rhythm of a piece of poetry, determined by the number and length of feet in a line. Iambic pentameter: structure in a poem where each line has 5 iambs (stressed and unstressed syllables). Each line has a total of 10 syllables. Parallelism: repetition of words, phrases, or sentences that have the same grammatical structure or express a similar idea. Sonnet: 14 lines poem written in an Iambic pentameter. Tragedy: play, novel, etc that has an unhappy ending. A tragic hero is the character that dies at the end.

    Tragic flow: a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine. Imagery: poets use it to help readers “see” what the words describe. Sensory: affects the reader’s five senses. Literal: describes things exactly as they are. Figurative: describes what things are like in a creative way. Figurative language: use of words and phrases in imaginative ways to express ideas beyond the words’ direct meanings. Metaphors: compare two different things by stating that one thing is the other thing. Personification: describes animals, objects, or ideas as having huh abilities or emotions.

    Literary criticism: evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literary works. Biographical: shows how the author’s life fee work. Aesthetic: focuses on what makes a work appealing to read. Historical: the writer researches a specific time period and shows how it influx the work. Lorraine Handlebars (1930 – 1965) Born in Chicago, Illinois. Grew up on the city South Side. A Raisin in the Sun on her family experiences moving to a white neighborhood. Supreme Court Handlebars v. Lee (1940) 0 her family won. Decided to become a writer after a a university play.

    Moved to New York City (1950) and worked for a newspaper She wrote short stories, poetry, and plays. A Raisin in the Sun 0 first play by an African American woman to be produce Broadway. Died of cancer at 34. Vocabulary Denotation: exact meaning or definition of a word. Connotation: meaning or feeling that is commonly added or attached to the Reduced vowel: a vowel that is not pronounced completely. It promotes fluent Compound and one syllable words are never reduced. Stressed syllable: the strongest syllable in a word. It can be reduced, sounds like a schwa.

    Silent eel utter that is not pronounced in a word. Grammar and Writing (Practice grammar worksheets on pages 49, 50, 51, and 52). Letter to the Editor 1 . Preterit: decide where you stand on the issue. Organize thoughts and rear 2. Draft: explain the issue briefly and state most important reasons. 3. Revise reasons to make the argument clearer or more effective. Literary Critique 1. Preterit: write a topic sentence that states your opinion about the work. D which approach to take (biographical, aesthetic or historical). 2. Draft: list pop and example from the play that support them.

    Stories Ad Power by Shari Grayson To the fish, the water is invisible” 0 saying from Ghana. A young person gar in North America will see 20,000 to 40,000 TV commercials every year. We see 16,000 advertisements a day. Advertisement comes from: the radio, signs, billboards, posters, logos, magazines, TV, etc. Teens 0 80% read magazines, 29% trust magazine ads more than other ads, 28% buy products seen in magazines. Ads can affect us emotionally and trick us into buying products for the wrong reasons. A good slogan gets your attention, can be funny or serious, makes a good point, convinces, is unforgettable and timeless.

    What’s Wrong with Advertising? By David Googol David Googol 0 “Father of advertising” Started out by selling kitchen stoves door-to- door. 1949 0 opened an advertising agency with two partners with $6,000. 40 years later the Googol Group was sold for $864 million. Advertising is an effective and efficient way to sell to the consumer. Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things. A Long Way to Go: Minorities and the Media by Carols Courts Contestants identified Mexicans with Gangs in “The $25,000 Pyramid” show. The media creates stereotypes about minorities.

    Only 40% of the nation’s 1,600 daily newspapers have minority editors. Black Academy Award winners 0 Denned Washington, Whale Berry, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox, etc). Magazines by minorities 0 Ebony, Essence, Monstrous, Talking Leaf, etc. The color green by Mark Punctual We should make better TV shows with minorities in them. The color green (money) is more important to produces than the color black or white. TV shows that has a mostly minority cast 0 The Cowboys Show, The Jefferson, In Living Color. What is news? From Pub’s My Journey Home USA today was compared to as “Mapmaker. “

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