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    The play is about two young people who fall madly in love at first sight Essay

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    The play is about two young people who fall madly in love at first sight. Although there is a slight conflict, in which their families are great enemies. Romeo to whom belonged to the Montague family and Juliet to the Capulet family. They secretly get married. Then trudged strikes, when both Romeo and Juliet die. The play is all about love and hate. The audience knows nothing about Romeo and Juliet before they meet, this is because it was love at first sight as said earlier on ,and also because each on of them had their own separate life, meaning Romeo had fallen in love with Rosaline and Juliet was almost getting married to Paris.

    At this point it is difficult because it was Juliet’s first time to meet both Romeo and Paris. Romeo mainly went to look for Rosaline but instead found his love Juliet. The expectation at first was for Juliet to accept married to Paris and Romeo to find Rosaline, but instead both Romeo and Juliet found each other. Also the fact that Romeo and Juliet found out that their families where enemies, this might have seemed to change everything but it did not. Their love for each other grew stronger that they died for each other.

    The dramatic effect on the opening of the play is quite positive. Based on how Capulet, expresses his words to his guests brings out happiness and brightness to the play. “Welcome, gentlemen! Ladies that have their toes unplagued with corns will have a bout with you. Ah ha, my mistresses! Which of you all will now deny to dance’she that makes dainty, she, I’ll swear, hath corns; am I come near ye now?” .This is an example of one of the examples of speeches made by Capulet. Also remembering that the atmosphere is happy and everyone is in the party mood, he would not want anything to go wrong with the day. Hence that is why he told his nephew not to harm Romeo during the party.

    The dramatic effect on Romeo’s speech to Juliet is that it is very romantic and draws attention to the audience. The way Romeo had put it was as if he had never loved anyone before. It is in a position that if he said it to her at that moment it would drive her crazy enough to fall in love with him. The way he also describes her beauty is as if she were the only beautiful thing in the whole world. Romeo’s speeches are mostly of love and not hate. He shows himself as a loving gentleman who is full of love and peace in everything. The speech about Juliet is full of poetry as well. Considering that most of his speeches are in poetry form.

    As I said earlier on the way Romeo is a peaceful and loving man in his speech Tybalt is his opposite. Tybalt’s speech is full of anger and shows no love, peace or mercy in his words. Even though Capulet is Tybalt’s uncle he reacts very bitterly to his manner. Since it is a joyous day for him he would not want anything to go wrong especially at a time like that. Eventually after Tybalt crossed caplet’s line or boundary he was sent away from the party. Basically the way Tybalt approaches his uncle to inform him about Romeo’s presence in the party, was in sort of form a jealousy way. He also showed a lot of viciousness and anger to fight but his uncle denied him since he was higher than him.

    The meeting between Romeo and Juliet was very romantic in that they had their first kiss which was unexpected for their first meeting or first time together. In this part he also involves his poetry talk. He begs for a kiss from Juliet and gets it from her. Since he had gone to look for Rosaline everything changed and saw someone better than her. This led him and Juliet to love at first sight. The language used is touching and is romantic. The way he begs for a kiss is in such a powerful way that Juliet just had to give in. The language in terms of poetry and romance is very strong. I would consider this love as at first sight and also as true love. Their love is just so strong that they could afford to do anything to be together, considering death as well.

    At the ending part the dramatic effect was that Romeo and Juliet were going to live happily ever after. After she had taken the medicine which was to put her to deep sleep to await for romeo her dearest love but in spite he did not get the correct message and brought up their death. Their reaction was not negative to one another this is because they learnt to love one another because they knew they were meant to be together. Nothing will happen to them as long as no one finds out. But if their family members were to find out, there would be carouse between them and their families.

    Shakespeare has made the play dramatic in the sense that it is interesting to find two young people who are madly in love from families that are both enemies. The scene that is crucial is the falling in love that lasted for long and then followed by the deaths. There is still love and hate among us all and I do not think there is anyone in our universe that is full of love as Romeo and Juliet. The scene to me is full of romance and also has a great lesson to me. The lesson is that we should learn to love and not to hate.

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