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    Personal Experience At Job (774 words)

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    Almost every teenager wants a job, yet many individuals are against it. Summer was the golden time to gain the real work experience for teenagers like me. Nearly 2 years ago, when I started working for Walmart, this job was much easier in comparison of having worked previously at Dunkin Donut. At Walmart, as a retail salesperson, my duties were to welcome customers by greeting them along with offering them assistance.

    Since I was not required to be at my desk all the time, I was responsible for managing the timely in-store pickups of online orders. I pulled the customers ordered items from the shelves based on number, size, color, and requirements, furthermore staging those items correctly. This job experience was preparing teens like me for future jobs. Thought most of the students were also enrolled in schools also perform unpaid community service work to shine on their college applications. The most experience at the job could be gained through the good/bad working environment, time management, pay for college and exposure to the real world.

    A positive working environment for me as an employee was the main goal towards the job. Since day one I was comfortably able to adjust in the new work environment, at Walmart. The Company had favorable working conditions, flexible schedules, good air quality, sanitary needs as well as the understanding of job goals and priorities. I was very satisfied with my job, therefore, I worked harder and less likely called in sick. Every day at the job I was being thanked for my hard work which motivated me to be nice to the customers. Conflicts among associates were natural. It was extremely important for the company to ensure that employees were getting along in order to accomplish everyday goals on time. However, employees at Walmart were divided into several teams which made it easier and less stressful, as the workload was divided up among us. On heavier workload days, we all used to pitch together and had meetings in an effort to motivate people to work harder. Everyone in teams was made aware of how they act which made our workplace a more enjoyable environment.

    Working for an average of twenty to twenty-five hours per week was very stressful. No Doubt after-school job was beneficial because it gave students like me a sense of responsibility, independence and time management skills. Schoolwork for me was high up on the list of priorities, but at the beginning, schoolwork was often neglected in the long run. I hardly had time to even attend family get-togethers. Either I am too tired or stressing out to finish homework and study. As time went by, my afterschool job at Walmart, helped me gain excellent first-hand experience in time management. I got my work schedule for the next 3 weeks ahead of time. I utilized the schedule and made my own schedule on my calendar which in fact made it easy for me. I had a lot of free time between job hours where I could study. I even considered adding spending some quality time with friends once a week. An essential part of time management was the initiation of a task. Starting a task was the path towards completing it. The main key was to focus mindset only on the present event.

    Paying for college had always been a partnership between the parents and student. Nothing is more disappointing for a student than to had invested time and tears in completing a college admission application but not being able to afford its tuitions. Teenagers had part-time jobs as it could financially help their parents, Pay for their college tuitions. Through my job, I was able to earn and spend my money without feeling guilty. Having a job gave me a good opportunity to gain experience in managing money. I got to learn about each option for paying for colleges, such as monthly loan payments and plan of borrowing money.

    In conclusion, students work experience in their teens allowed them to apply what they have learned in their studies to real work environments. It has always been pleasant giving time to take personal experiences to what further opportunities were there to handle real-life responsibilities. The more responsibilities I had as a teen, the more it helped me to be mature. However, the job was very time-consuming. If teens go to work simultaneously goes to school, then they would not have time to join a gang or get into fights. Which helps students to be focused on their studies. Furthermore, if I receive a paycheck I would save my money for college and lead towards a better lifestyle.

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