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    Penn State Scandal Sample Essay

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    The Jerry Sandusky instance had a major impact on Penn State. It affected both faculty members and sports in a major manner. In this essay I will discourse the state of affairs that occurred and the impact that the societal media had on this one time great school.

    Jerry Sandusky is a retired American football manager. He was the adjunct manager at Pennsylvania State University under the legendary Joe Paterno for 30 old ages. He was the defensive coordinator for the football squad. He is besides the laminitis of The Second Mile. The Second Mile is a non-profit organisation that serves underprivileged young person. This is where Jerry Sandusky had met many of his victims. On November 5th. 2011. Jerry Sandusky was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sex offenses against immature male childs.

    An probe took topographic point in 2008 by the Pennsylvania lawyer general’s office. The charges were initiated at Clinton County High School. At the school a pupil had made accusals of sexual maltreatment against Sandusky. The probe had reached another degree of importance when it was realized that the accusals were non a privy set of events. but was a scheme formulated by Sandusky to entice immature male childs through his Second Mile organisation. An indictment came after a three twelvemonth probe that looked into the accusals make against Sandusky holding inappropriate exchanges with a immature male child over the class of four old ages.

    The expansive jury had identified eight immature male childs that had experienced sexual progresss or sexual favours by Sandusky from 1994-2009. There were at least 20 incidents that occurred while Sandusky was employed at Penn State. Harmonizing to one of the indictments. Mike McQueary. who at the clip was a Penn State grad pupil reported to Joe Paterno that he had seen Jerry Sandusky holding intercourse with a 10 twelvemonth old male child. Joe Paterno so failed to describe this incident to governments. Joe Paterno. along with many of the Penn State University functionaries had tried to cover Jerry Sandusky’s acts which caused an out boom.

    Some of the Penn State functionaries included Graham Spanier. Joe Paterno. Tim Curley. and Gary Schultz. Graham Spanier at the clip was the president of Penn State University. He was forced to vacate following the Penn State kid sex maltreatment dirt. Tim Curley was the athletic manager for Penn State and Gary Schultz was the Vice President. After it was revealed that they failed to describe the incident to governments. both of these work forces were fired by the board.

    The FBI had stated that after carry oning an probe that these senior functionaries had known about Sandusky’s actions every bit early as 1998 and had failed to unwrap this information to governments. On October 9. 2012. Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to a lower limit of 30 old ages and a upper limit of 60 old ages in prison. Spanier. Curley. and Schultz have been charged with expansive jury bearing false witness. confederacy. obstructor of justness. and child hazard in association with the dirt. Paterno and McQueary ne’er had any charges pressed on them because they did what they were obligated to make. McQueary had reported the incident to his superior which is Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno besides reported the incident to his higher-up who is Curley and Schultz. This whole state of affairs caused a immense reaction nationally.

    The media had criticized the University for being so irresponsible. Many wireless Stationss and newspapers harshly criticized the school for this dirt. Many people had criticized McQueary for non protecting the kid that was being raped by Sandusky. The media criticized him for non protecting the kid and describing it to the constabulary. Even though he had completed his legal duty to describe the incident to his superior. the media said that it was his moral duty to describe the incident to the constabulary. The media non merely criticized McQueary but besides Joe Paterno.

    The media criticized Joe Paterno from many different angles. The media and people were forcing for him to acquire fired. A Penn State alumna had stated that she could non believe how cold hearted Joe Paterno could be. The media stated that the functionaries at the university cared more about the name of their school than the childs that were victims of Sandusky. They believe that because they did non describe this to governments. this empowered Sandusky to go on to make these cruel things to these immature male childs.

    The University and the Second Mile had reacted to this dirt every bit good. Penn State has responded in legion ways. Some of the ways they responded was by taking Sandusky’s image from a mural near the university. Another thing that they did was renaming an ice pick spirit which he had created in his award. They besides expelled both Paterno and Spanier and placed McQueary on indefinite paid administrative leave.

    After the Freeh study was released many organisations wanted the statue of Joe Paterno to be removed. The statue was located outside the Beaver Stadium. There was a plane that had a streamer reading take the statue down or we will. On July 22nd the statue of Joe Paterno was removed after having public unfavorable judgment and menaces. Another thing that hurt Penn State was the NCAA and Big Ten countenances.

    On July 23. 2012. Mark Emmert had announced the countenances against Pennsylvania State University. It was announced that Penn State would be on probation for 5 old ages. They besides announced that Penn State will hold postseason prohibition for four old ages. They besides went on to state that they will be resigning all wins from 1998-2011. This means that 112 wins would be removed from their record. This besides removed 111 wins from Paterno’s record devising him go down from the 1st to the 12th on the NCAA all clip wins list.

    Penn State besides had to pay a $ 60 million mulct. The returns would donation for forestalling kid maltreatment. The school was required to implement all countenances for restructuring described in the Freeh study. Penn State must come in into an athletics unity understanding with the NCAA and Big Ten. They were besides appointed a university-wide athletic conformity officer and conformity council. They besides had to accept an NCAA appointed athletic unity proctor for the balance of its probation.

    When the NCAA announced its penalty. there was a great argument over the suspension of the football plan. Many alumnas and legal guardians criticized Erickson for accepting the footings that the NCAA had given. President Erickson had stated that they had no pick but to accept the footings that were given by the NCAA and the Big Ten. If they had non agreed to the footings that were given. the effects would hold been much deeper. The NCAA wanted to close down the football plan for 4 old ages. To avoid this President Erickson had sat down and worked out a via media with the NCAA. A full release was granted to all participants in the plan. This allowed them to reassign to another school without losing eligibility.

    It was besides revealed that Penn State may hold to counterbalance for Sandusky’s victims. No sum of money will of all time be able to take the hurting that Jerry Sandusky has inflicted on these immature male childs. Sandusky’s action has wholly tarnished Penn State University good name. Not merely has he ruined Penn States name but ruined the lives of the immature male childs. The immature male childs that were sexually abused will ne’er be the same and everlastingly be scared because of Sandusky.

    The societal media had a immense impact on Penn State’s faculty members. By uncovering this intelligence to the universe and suspending the football squad for four old ages has greatly impacted Penn State. The school now will lose several upcoming football participants every bit good as pupils that were traveling to use to this one time esteemed school. Not merely does it impact the athletic section module. but besides the chief module in the school. This incident besides makes people want to do certain that their kids who they send off to school are non being molested by the instructors every bit good.

    Teachers in this school will hold to be traveling under proving to do certain that this will non happen once more. This dirt has impacted the school academically. Many pupils who had planned to go to Pennsylvania State University might now be looking at other colleges to go to to because of Sandusky. High school jocks that wanted to play football for Penn State must now look for other schools to play athleticss in since this school has suspended its games for four old ages. It’s astonishing how the act of one adult male can do such a immense impact.


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