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    Parts of the run Essay (429 words)

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    If the patient is alert and responsive he main,bay is patent. Assess, intervene, reassess b. Breathing- determines if breathing is adequate or inadequate (lung sounds, 02 sat), Asses breathing by looking listening and feeling for amount of air in/out (tidal volume, place hand on chest) and the rate of breathing. Look for any obvious signs such as JAVA, apneas, nasal flaring, trachea tugging, outside the rate 8-24 adult and unequal movement. If adequate 02 therapy if not BUM.

    Assess, intervene, reassess. C. Circulation-pulse; assess if there is a pulse or no pulse it no pulse n wrist (chemo) go to brachia (might) then carotid (might) determine the regularity and strength(EKE), possible major bleeding; control any arterial bleeding or venous bleeding by placing gloved hand and then getting pressure dressing, skin color: assessing color, temperature and condition, capillary refill (immediateness). Assess, intervene, reassess d.

    Disability- alert and orientation use PAPUA or BRIM or Glasgow coma scale. What, where, when, how it occurred, recall event (COAX), events leading to injury. Causes of ALSO AUTOPSIES, e. Expose, Examine, Environment- expose any life threatening injuries or pertinent negatives (chest pain expose chest, abdominal pain expose abdomen etc… ) examine for pertinent negatives (interclass muscle use, abdominal rigidity, guarding, JAVA etc… ) consider environment affecting patient( cold dangerous etc.. Consider status of patient: Mild (Tool sign and symptom, moderate 20th signs and symptoms, acute 3 or more signs and symptoms) General impression and transport decision split with partner here. 2. Investigation of C/C chief complaint: Medical Onset Provoked Quality Trauma or ALSO, language barrier Breathing tidal volume, effectiveness Response (person, place, time, event) I eyes (PERL) Radiation, relief, recurrence, region Motor sensation (MAXED) Severity Chest (pertinent negatives) Time Abdomen (pertinent negatives) Cap Refill (immediate or delayed) May have to do Y/N questions.

    Follow up with bystanders Special questions when find pertinent negatives (physical findings) 3. Paramedic Vitals/signs Pulse LOC Respirations 02 Saturation Blood pressure Lungs Sounds Sugar Skins Eyes EKE Temp Prioritize vitals Marry vitals to C/C (lung sounds, respirations, 02 Sat) Always do first set If done in initial assessment do again! Act on abnormal vitals Consider specialize vitals Orthodontic (lying flat, sitting up, standing) 4.

    Focused history and physical exam, special questions( narrow down ICC): Complete Head to toe (secondary) or a rapid trauma assessment (for patients with ALSO or significant MOM, or critical findings in Initial assessment and for unknown injuries suspected) Focused trauma assessment(focused on injury tie, for No MOM, no multiple injuries, No ALSO, No critical findings on initial assessment) same for medical either focused or rapid medical(head to toe)

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