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    Own Story Essay

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    “Bzzzzzzzzz!!!” the alarm rang. Small dirty hands hit the off switch and gotout of bed.

    The scrawny boy walked over to the window in his old spider-manpajamas and looked outside. Everything was white as far as the eyes could see. The ground was covered with a silky smooth blanket of fresh new snow, whichconcealed the old brown sheet from the week before. By the driveway the top ofan “open house” peered out from the snow. After changing, the little childproceeded down the brown carpeted stairs which spit up dust with every step hetook. The walls of the old house were maroon with an occasional faded outline ofan old picture.

    The hardwood floors were also barren and would creak with everystep. The boy walked into the kitchen, turned on the stove and placed a griddleover it. Next he opened the old fashioned refrigerator. The light insideflickered on and off as he reached for the eggs and bacon. He shut the door andheaded over to the counter where he placed the egg carton and bacon.

    His nimblehands picked up three slices of bacon and broke two eggs on the griddle. The panwas not warm so the eggs and bacon just sat there. Suddenly the boy heard a cardoor slam and people talking. He looked out the window and saw two women headingtowards the front door. The shy boy quickly turned around and ran out the backdoor.

    The people outside trudged through the thick heavy snow towards the frontdoor. They reached the doorstep of the off-white house, and rammed the rustyknocker against the forest green door. The knock let out a loud hollow echo. They stood in the cold waiting for someone to open the door, but after fiveminutes they decided to invite themselves into the house. “Hello?” one womanshouted. They waited for an answer but only heard the crackling of bacon greasecoming from the kitchen.

    The air had the savory scent of smoked bacon and eggs,which made their stomachs growl. They slowly walked to the kitchen and peered into see nothing but burnt eggs and bacon on the sizzling griddle. They looked tothe left and saw that the back door was open. Outside, the tracks of freshfootprints created a path in the snow that lead toward a white picket fence.

    Thegate to the fence swung back and forth in the cold sharp wind. “Ahhh!!Help!!” a sharp shrill came from behind the fence. The two ladies gave eachother a quick glance as the call for help rang out over and over . They both ranto the gate as the fresh snow flurried off from the soles of their boots.

    Twofeet past the gate they both tripped over a thin wire that was stretched outacross the ground. They lifted their now cold and wet faces out of the snow, andsaw nothing but an empty yard. The women began to grow goose bumps all overtheir bodies and gave each other a nervous look. They stood up and wiped thesnow off their bodies. An angry growl grew louder and louder from behind themand now their goose bumps grew to little mole hills all over their bodies.

    Theyslowly turned around and they both became as white as the velvety snow thatsurrounded them. Their knees began to shake and their hearts started to beatfaster and faster until their heartbeats became one monotone sound. Their eyesopened widely and stared straight ahead as if they had seen a ghost. However, itwas no ghost they were looking at.

    Instead they were looking at a 12 year oldboy covered in snow and dirt. The fence had now been closed. A large evil grinwas stretched across the boys face and his jet black eyes glared at the twohelpless women. His arms were raised like a vampire before his transformationinto a bat. The women thought that the devil himself had possessed this boy.

    This thought was the last that ever entered their heads. The boy let out a sharpscream and pounced on the two women like a tiger who hadnt eaten for weeks. Their screams only lasted for a split second and then dead silence rang throughthe cold dry air. The young boy, now tired from digging, threw the limp bodiesin the shallow graves in the snow. He filled the momentarily empty graves withsnow and looked at the fresh mound of snow.

    He looked around and saw the sheetof white snow over the yard. Everything was flat except the fresh mounds of snowcovering the graves, but those too would become flat with new so like the othershad done before. The boy retraced his footsteps back to the house. He took thenow ashy eggs and bacon off the griddle, threw them in the garbage and placedfresh food on the now piping hot stove. He ate a hearty breakfast and savoredthe sweet taste of bacon and.

    He sat down by on the couch and turned on the tvwaiting for the next report of missing people to show up.

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