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    Myth: How Snakes Lost Their Legs Essay

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    Long ago, when animals were still new on earth, the weather was very hot, and what little water there was remained in pools. Nyame creator god of the sun and moon was very cruel toward everyone on the savannah. All the animals were extremely miserable and wanted to move off the plans so that they didn’t have to put up with the hot sand and dying food on the land. The most miserable of them all were the snakes. There legs were so brittle and small that they couldn’t move around easily like that the other animals. With every step they took the snakes were pained but the pressure of there legs sinking down into the sand.

    One day a young snake named Abassi came to the conclusion that he was cursed and that they only way he could make his legs stronger or get rid of them altogether was if he broke the curse. So one bright sunny afternoon, Abassi sat under a shady tree and sat for hours upon hours thinking of any possible way that he could break the spell. Abassi couldn’t think of anything himself so he decided to go ask his parents. “Mom” said Abassi. “Why are our legs so little and small, I cant play or have fun with any of my friends. ” “Abassi stop asking so many questions, you have these legs because these are the legs you were born with embrace them honey. Abassi left his mom more upset then he was before, so he decided to ask grandpa Moe. “Grandpa Moe” said Abassi, “Why are my legs so small and brittle, I cant run around or even have fun with my friends. ”

    “Let me tell you a story, take a seat. A long time ago everyone was leaving the plans, nobody wanted to stay because evil things were happening to all the animals. So Nyame put spells on the animals that restricted them from ever leaving the land. ” “So how do we break the spell? ” “The spells can only be broken if you leave the land and once you get off the land what was changed will go back to normal. After grandpa Moe told Abassi the story about how he could break the smell and make his legs go back to normal, Abassi got a great idea. The next day Abassi sat under the tree for hours upon hours like he usually does, and thinks. He was thinking about how he wanted to take the journey off the cursed land and break the spell. Abassi had made up his mind; he wanted to break the curse but he didn’t want to go by himself, so he went over to the watering hole where all his friends were playing and asked if anyone wanted to go with him to break the curse and free all the animals from Nyames curse. Does anybody want to go with me across the desert to break the curse. ”

    “No! We want to stay here and play. ” Said all the animals at the watering hole. “I’ll go with you,” said Morris the giraffe. So off they went to the break the dreadful curse and all the snakes could go back to normal. On the way across the desert they came across a sleeping tiger Morris and Abassi were so scared and they knew that it could only be the work of Nyame. The tiger was sleeping but they knew that any sudden moves could awake the tiger. They creeped and tip toped around the tiger but suddenly out of nowhere snake fell and the tiger woke up. Help! Help! ” cried Abassi “I can’t get up. ” Morris Scooped Abassi up with his long neck and threw him on his back and took off running in the distance before the tiger could catch up.

    “That was close, I didn’t think you were going to make it. ” “Me either, what would I have done without you? ” Night approached and the cold weather hit. Morris and Abassi we so close to the other side of the dessert they could almost taste it. They walked and walked through the night in the brisk cold shivering and shaking but they didn’t want to stop because they were just that close.

    Morning hit and they could see where the desert was ending. “Lets run,” said Abassi, “I can’t wait other minute. ” They ran until they finally reached the edge of the desert. As soon as they reached the desert’s edge, the curse was broken. Abassi’s little brittle legs just fell to the ground as if they were held there buy glue. All of a sudden all the animals back at the watering hole, Morris the giraffe and everyone else turned back to normal and to this day that is why snakes do not have legs.

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