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    My Family Essay Paper (876 words)

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    My family is the core unit of my life. It is where I am understood and therefore able to express myself without the fear of being judged wrongly. Like most typical American families, mine is a nuclear family. It is made up of my father, mother, brother, sister and I.

    My parents

    My dad is the main provider of the family. Growing up, I have seen him working in the construction industry as a building contractor. Due to the nature of his job, we used to travel a lot when we were young. This is no longer the case because we have to attend school. We are often left with our mom whenever he travels. However, when schools close, we sometimes travel with him when he has a project outside our town.

    My mom, on the other hand, is a kindergarten teacher. She has always been a teacher, and she really loves her job. She started teaching before she got married to my dad. Because her work is well defined, it makes it possible for her to spend time with us.

    We have come up with family traditions such as having dinner together as a family as we share about how our day has been. This provides a platform for us to discuss our ideas and challenges and how to handle or overcome them.  It is through her that we are constantly reminded of the importance of family and why we should always respect each other and build trust among ourselves.

    My siblings

    My brother and sister are my closest friends. Since we were young, our parents taught us the value of having a close relationship with each other. We love, respect and trust each other. We also look out for each other. As the eldest, I often find myself entrusted with some responsibilities concerning my siblings. I have to continually ensure that they trust me so that our friendship remains solid.

    Why family is important?

    The family is important for numerous reasons. These include:

    1. It is the basic unit in the society.

    The importance of family cannot be underestimated.  It is in a family set-up that a child learns the basics of life that are important. They are taught values that sustain them in their entire lives.

    1. It is where one learns how to relate to other people.

    It begins with the relationship one has with their parents. They later relate with their siblings and other members of the extended family before they step out into the world and meet the rest of the people.

    1. The family is where learning starts

    The different types of the family also expose the child to different aspects of life. As the first born in my family, I did not have anyone to play with at home. Spending time with the extended family gave me an opportunity to learn new things that I wouldn’t have learned if I did not interact with them. I learned how to build a relationship with a stranger and also build trust with time until I’m comfortable around them.

    1. Families provide a solid foundation for a child.

    It is in the family set-up that a child develops their personality right from the onset. As they grow up, a child tries to find their footing and being in a family gives them a sense of belonging. The safety in a family gives them confidence as they grow and thrive well into unique persons.

    One of the key values that are taught and well instilled in children is respect. They are taught to respect not only others but also self. This, in turn, raises their self-esteem and makes it easy for them to relate to other people. Any relationship they build is based on trust as opposed to suspicions because they have been taught well.

    1. Religion and other beliefs are passed down.

    For the religious folk, there is no better place to pass down their beliefs from one generation to another, like in a family set-up. From a very young age, children are taught and practice the religion that the parents subscribe to.

    For some families, there are important generational attributes that are passed down the family. These could be recipes, attire, secrets among others. This brings about a sense of belonging and pride for the family. It also helps build trust as the members are expected to keep it within the family and not disclose to outsiders.

    In conclusion, while there are many topics that can be outlined, the family unit still holds a special place in society. While more types of family emerge every other day, the place of the family can never be underplayed. It will always remain as the core unit where respect, values, and trust are built. We’re all a product of the family foundation, and therefore, we should strive to ensure that families are allowed to thrive.

    Together with my fellow college students, we acknowledge the role that the family has played in bringing us this far. I am glad that I have a family that cares for me, and siblings that trust me to walk together through the journey of life, and respect me for who I am and these are important for every individual.


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