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    My Attitude to Transgender (450 words)

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    Transgender, a word that we hear on at least a weekly basis in the culture we live in today. In 2001, the University of California-Los Angeles, Williams Institute conducted a research project that estimated approximately 700,000 Americans identified as transgender. By the year 2016 that number had climbed to roughly 1.4 million people in the United States. To put it a different way roughly 0.6% of the US adult population considered themselves transgender. In the same study each state was ranked with Washington DC leading the way with 2.77% of its population or approximately 14,550 transgender people and North Dakota at the rear of the pack with 0.30% or approximately 1,650 people.

    The public schools, college and universities, the TV shows that we watch on a daily bases promote and try to explain that a person’s sexuality; their gender identity is not a part of nature, it is not a God thing but, a personal choose that we all have the right to decide for ourselves how we want to identify as. To the Christian this sounds odd and seem to be a very cut and dry problem. As a Christian we want to say no this is wrong and you need to find Jesus and get right with God.

    Can it be that simple? Is it just that their hearts are not right with Jehovah God? What about the person that is born with a birth defect and from the human eye it is possibly unclear what gender someone is? Does that person then have the right to assign their own gender based on how they fell? As we make this journey together, we will explore what the experts say about the matter. We will look at what the ultimate authority (the Bible) says about transgender and gender confusion. This is a journey that I hope will bring clarity to this hot topic of our modern day if it feels good, do it society. Can science help lead us to a conclusion that is in harmony with the word of God?

    Regardless of were we stand on the side of the transgender debate we have to remember that those that identify as transgender are still humans, they have feelings and most importantly they have an eternal sole. Those that identify as transgender feel pain over there confusion and most of the time are looking not for acceptance of their chooses but, to be loved. If you are a Christian, a child of God, you should desire to love those that are in pain, those that are confused, those that are isolated from reality. Let’s take a look and see what the true root of the transgender and the problems associated with gender dysphoria is all about.

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    My Attitude to Transgender (450 words). (2021, Aug 24). Retrieved from

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