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    Murder Commiting Essay (1096 words)

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    The problem with committing murder is the high risk of being caught. When youdecide that murder is justified, the problem of how to do it and how to avoidbeing found out are your first thoughts.

    Unfortunately, the police have becomevery sophisticated in their investigating skills. Very few murderers get awaywith it, until now that is. There are ways to fool the police and the coroner’soffice. If more people knew how to blow up a car with Drano, or cause a massiveheart attack without any physical signs of foul play, there would be a lot moreunsolved or unexplained deaths in which many life insurance policies would bepaid without question. In my experience, the method of using Drano to blow up acar is very effective, yet it is very difficult to pull off. The first thing youmust do is make sure your intended victim is nowhere in sight one hour beforethe car is started.

    The second thing is that rubber gloves are imperative; youdo not want to leave fingerprints on a burnt – out car or on the Drano bottle. Remember to dispose of the gloves at a very distant location, perhaps making useof your local grocery store dumpsite. Once you have a full understanding of thetiming in which to commit the act and the correct disposal of the gloves, youmay continue with the steps in creating this destructive action. First youremove the gas cap on the car, then remove the cap on the Drano bottle, and pourthe Drano into the gas tank. Then all you have to do is dispose of the Dranobottle and wait.

    It is a good idea to leave the area as soon as possible, makingsure not to seem suspicious. When the intended victim engages the car engine,the Drano will then make its way to the engine, and the Drano will be ignited. This will, of course, cause a fire that will spread from the engine, to the cabof the car, and then to the gas tank itself. Although in theory, this seems tobe a simple operation, I have found this method to be very difficult, becauseyou must find the right circumstances in which to successfully complete thistask.

    The most difficult part was getting my victim to be in the right places atthe right time. One of my favorite methods of committing a murder would have tobe the heart attack method. This technique is relatively easy and effective. There are some preparations to consider before diving into this process. Youwill have to find approximately 10cc of diabetic insulin.

    This may not be asdifficult as you may think. You may not be aware of just how many people areinsulin dependent, so try looking in your family and friend’s medicine cabinets. Once you acquire the insulin, you will need to find a syringe. If you do notfind a syringe with the insulin, you can buy a syringe at any drug store.

    Besure to pay with cash; never leave a paper trail that may lead authorities toyou. You will need to be very close to your victim; if it’s your spouse youwould like to remove from your life, you will want to choose a time when he orshe is asleep or in a drunken stupor. Be sure to take mental notes of his or herbody. Try to find an area where there are large amounts of freckles; this willbe the place where you will make your injections.

    While your victim is asleep orpassed out, fill the syringe with all 10ccs of the insulin. Make sure there areno air bubbles left in the syringe, for they will rush straight to the heart. Acoroner will be able to spot the bubbles immediately. Creep over to your victimand find the freckle you chose in your preparation.

    Insert the syringe needleinto the freckle. Doing this will cause your victim to awaken quickly, so makesure you have pulled the needle out fully. A broken needle will be spotted by acoroner during the autopsy. Your victim will, without doubt, become very angryand will possibly thrash about, causing items in the room to fall to the floor. Do not worry about this because it is not uncommon for a heart attack victim tocause damage while in the midst of an attack. The insulin will rush straight tothe heart and will cause your victim to have a massive heart attack.

    Becauseyour body produces insulin naturally, the coroner will not be looking for it asa cause of death. You should wait no longer than one hour before calling anambulance because this will cause suspicion. Be sure to dispose of the insulinvial and the syringe. Make sure that any blood that may be on the freckle whereyou made your injection has been wiped away.

    It is best to use a wet tissue todo this because you can flush it down the toilet. Show extreme stress and griefwhen the ambulance arrives and ride to the hospital in the ambulance with yourvictim, for this will show extreme concern. Even after your victim is pronounceddead, refuse to believe it. Cry and yell in great agony for someone to”Please help!” While in the hospital, make a trip to the rest room towash your face or to pull yourself together; this will be the moment you candispose of the insulin vial and the syringe. You could wait until you have amoment alone with the victim in the emergency room and put the vial in the humanwaste disposal can.

    Because emergency rooms usually have close circuit TVcameras, I do not suggest you wait to throw away the needle and vial. The policewill ask questions; have your answers ready. Do not read from cue cards. Cuecards arouse immediate suspicion; have your story straight before you ever startthis process.

    If you have prepared a good story and have any acting skillswhatsoever, you should be able to fool them. Always cry, and cry hard. Tearsgive the illusion of deep pain. You should try to view this death as if yourworld is coming to an end.

    Follow these steps with a fine precision. You can putyour own creative touch on any of these procedures, but it is important that youdo not for deviate from the steps I have outlined: one mistake will causesuspicion. The steps I have outlined in the Drano and the heart attack methodsare very effected in ending a life. I must tell you from personal experience,that unless you truly intend to carry out the whole process, you should notstart any of the processes: you may find yourself in a jail cell and a courtroom facing an unsympthetic jury of your peers.

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