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mrs (1555 words) Essay

To begin with this research paper will be discussing the factors that impact domestic violence.

The factors include but are not limited to alcohol abuse, drug use, unemployment, and being an estranged husband. This paper will explain why these circumstances can contribute to and result in domestic violence. It will also identify different quantitative research studies going into depth about the factors that contribute to domestic violence. At the end of the paper the audience will be able to better understand and identify factors that contribute to domestic violence in different situations. The reason I have chosen the topic of ?Factors impacting domestic violence?, is because my mother was a victim of violence.

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Throughout most of my childhood, I sat by helplessly and watched my mother being beaten. Being in that situation traumatized my siblings as well as myself. Although I have forgiven my father I would like to understand what factors contributed to his terrible behavior. His behavior has previously caused different kinds of mental issues amongst my sisters and myself.

There was a study conducted on ?Prevalence of Children Witnessing Parental Violence?. (3) The research question being proposed in this study is, ?the prevalence of children who witness domestic violence among their parents and the effects it has on their emotional health, specifically depression?. (3) The sample being investigated were, ?150 children collected among churches, schools, social organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?. (3) The experimental design being used is known as a cross sectional survey design.

This study proves that children being a witness to violence in the home can either grow up normal (rarely the case), become abusive, alcoholics, have symptoms of depression or a combination of symptoms. Hindin, Michelle J; Gultiano, Socorro. American Journal of Public Health (Apr 2006) writes:We examined the association between 2 important public health problems in the developing world: parental domestic violence and depressive symptoms during adolescence. Data on depressive symptoms and witnessing of domestic violence were obtained during private face-to-face interviews conducted in 2002 with 2051 Filipino adolescents 17-19 years of age.

Symptoms of depression were common; 11% of young men and 19% of young women reported wishing that they were dead occasionally or most of the time, and nearly half of all respondents recalled parental domestic violence. Female adolescents had significantly higher scores than male adolescents on a 12-item index of depressive symptoms. Both male and female adolescents who had witnessed parental domestic violence reported more depressive symptoms. Filipino adolescents who have witnessed parental domestic violence are significantly more likely to report depressive symptoms.

(7)Moving on I will be discussing alcohol abuse and drug use. This study is about the effect that alcohol can have on a person under the influence. If the person is heavily intoxicated or even slightly, it could cause their judgment to be impaired. Possibly leading to a situation that involves domestic violence. ?The existing economic research on alcohol focuses on many of the harmful outcomes of alcohol abuse, with one notable exception. Currently, there is little work on the role of alcohol and domestic violence.

Many studies from other disciplines have shown that alcohol plays a significant role in incidents of domestic violence?. (2) Alcohol, drugs and any other substance that can alter the way you think have the ability to impair your judgment and increase aggressiveness. ?Male Batterers’ Alcohol Use and Gambling Behavior?. (4) Is the topic of a study I will be talking about within this paper.

The research question being proposed in this study is, How does alcohol use contribute to males becoming batterers? ?The aim of the current investigation was to explore the associations between IPV, alcohol use, and gambling behavior among 341 males court-mandated to attend BIPs utilizing self-report measures?. (4) The people being studied are as stated earlier the 341 males that are court-mandated to attend BIPs utilizing self-report measures. The research design being used were ?voluntary, anonymous questionnaires that were administered and completed during regularly scheduled BIP sessions?. (4) The research done in this study was experimental and compared to the general population. Those two impairments alone could potentially cause the person to react in a violent manner.

Next, unemployment can play a major role in domestic violence. Statistics show more males than females are abusive within a relationship. Bhatti, Shalu (2010) writes:?A woman is physically assaulted every nine seconds in the United States according to the Family Violence Prevention Fund Report 1994. ?According to the Surgeon General 1992, relationship/ domestic violence is the leading cause of women injuries in women aged between 15-44 in the United States, which was more than rapes, muggings and automobile incidents when combined together!?According to Commonwealth Fund survey 1998, Nearly one-third of American women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives. ?According to the Journal of American Medical Association 1992, Over 50% of women killed in the United Sates were killed by male intimate partners or ex-partners.

Also, 22-35% of women visiting medical emergency rooms are there from injuries resulting from ongoing abusive relationships. When a person has nothing to occupy their time such as working, they sit at home and become resentful, bitter and angry. The person who is most likely to receive the backlash from them being jobless is their spouse or significant other. Barling, Julian; Rosenbaum, Alan. Journal of Applied Psychology71. 2 (May 1986) writes:A study focused specifically on whether work experiences and stressors are associated with wife abuse.

The subjects were 18 martially satisfied, 12 dissatisfied, no abusive, and 12 dissatisfied, abusive husbands who completed work involvement, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and work stress questionnaires, which yielded occurrence, positive, and negative impact indexes. Multivariate analysis of variance indicated that overall work experiences are associated significantly with wife abuse. Further univariate analysis of variances showed that only the occurrence of stressful work events and their negative impact were associated significantly with wife abuse. No significant between-group differences emerged on the positive impact index. Because they are aware that abusive behavior is unacceptable, abusive husbands may report more stressful work events and a higher negative impact as a rationalization for their abusive behavior.

There is a need for true causal analyses on the effects of work stressors on wife abuse and a focus on personality and situational variables enhancing or reducing the likelihood of spouse abuse. (8)Women?s News (2008) writes:”An extensive 2004 report by the National Institute of Justice found that the rate of violence against women increases as male unemployment increases. When a woman’s male partner is employed, the rate of violence is 4. 7 percent. It’s 7.

5 percent when the male experiences one period of unemployment. It’s 12. 3 percent when the male experiences two or more periods of unemployment. A female victim’s lack of money, meanwhile, is a common reason why she may refuse to leave an abusive partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

“Estranged husband?s can become violent because they lack affection and attention. A lot of the time they feel alienated and that can make them very hostile. Enough to the point they are thinking irrationally and respond in a violent way. In many situations the estranged party will contemplate murder and then suicide. ?Murder-suicide attempted: Man allegedly shoots estranged wife and himself in Albertville. Just before 7 p.

m. , the couple got into an argument in the home?s bedroom. The husband shot his wife five times, including once in the face. He then turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the head?. (6)In conclusion alcohol abuse, drug use, unemployment and being an estranged husband are all factors that contribute to domestic violence. There are no excuses for this type of behavior, but the reasons previously listed does give insight into the factors that impact domestic violence.

The studies conducted has shown that domestic violence occurs for various reasons which differ from person to person. All studies have proven to beneficial in one way or another due to the fact that they have provided substantial information?References:1. http://www. buzzle. com/articles/abusive-relationship-statistics.

html2. Markowitz, S. , ; Grossman, M. (1998). Alcohol regulation and domestic violence towards children.

Contemporary Economic Policy, 16(3), 309-320. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com/docview/274294716?accountid=325213. Tuyen, D. N.

, ; Larsen, S. (2012). Prevalence of children witnessing parental violence. Review of European Studies, 4(1), 148-154. Retrieved from http://search.

proquest. com/docview/1011330386?accountid=325214. Brasfield, H. , Febres, J. , Shorey, R. , Strong, D.

, Ninnemann, A. , Elmquist, J. , . . . Stuart, G.

L. (2012). Male batterers’ alcohol use and gambling behavior. Journal of Gambling Studies, 28(1), 77-88. doi: http://dx.

doi. org/10. 1007/s10899-011-9246-05. http://womenslawreports. blogspot. com/2008/10/domestic-violence-increases-with.

html6. http://www. sandmountainreporter. com/news/local/article_b65f4d8e-35a9-11e2-90cb-0019bb2963f4. html7.

Hindin, M. J. , & Gultiano, S. (2006). Associations between witnessing parental domestic violence and experiencing depressive symptoms in Filipino adolescents. American Journal of Public Health, 96(4), 660-3.

Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com/docview/215088351?accountid=325218. Barling, J.

, & Rosenbaum, A. (1986). Work stressors and wife abuse. Journal of Applied Psychology, 71(2), 346-346.

Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/213937335?accountid=32521

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mrs (1555 words) Essay
To begin with this research paper will be discussing the factors that impact domestic violence. The factors include but are not limited to alcohol abuse, drug use, unemployment, and being an estranged husband. This paper will explain why these circumstances can contribute to and result in domestic violence. It will also identify different quantitative research studies going into depth about the factors that contribute to domestic violence. At the end of the paper the audience will b
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mrs (1555 words) Essay
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