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    Movie Summary – American Sniper Essay

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    At 12 o’clock Friday night, January 2nd, I went to go see the opening premiere of American Sniper, a biographical movie based on a true story. This action movie was directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Jason Hall, the movie was being played at the White Bear Township Theater in White Bear. This location is approximately 45 minutes away from River Falls and its purpose is for people to drive to go see new movies that are being released.

    Throughout this movie, there was always something going on no matter what. American Sniper is by far one of the best movies I have seen in theaters. There were a lot of parts that made American Sniper an amazing movie but the plot and storyline, the actors, and the ending are what I felt made it an unbelievable movie The plot and story line of this movie was one of the most important things I took out of watching this movie. American Sniper begins by discussing the life of young Chris Kyle, who grew up in Texas. His father would show him how to shoot a gun and hunt for deer. When Chris was growing up he became a rodeo cowboy, but then decided to enlist in the U.

    S. Navy. After enlisting he was eventually accepted for seal training and then became a U. S. Navy Seal sniper. While he was in training he met the woman of his dreams and they eventually got married.

    Her name was Taya Renae (figure 1). A couple months later he was deployed to Iraq. “Chris’s first kills were a little boy and his mother” (American Sniper (film)). He shot them both because they were trying to attack the U. S.

    marines with a grenade. Chris wasn’t very happy with his first kills because he doesn’t like to hurt people but they were coming after his team and his job is to protect his team, so that’s what he did. The U. S.

    marine’s goal of going to Iraq was to hunt down al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi while they would go in and out of houses searching for him. Meanwhile, Chris got sent home for a couple weeks to be with his wife and newborn son. “He is distracted by memories of his war experiences and argues with Taya over bootleg footage of U. S. Marines shot dead by enemy sniper “savages””(Plot Summary).

    When Chris was home, his wife told him that she “wishes that he would focus on his home and family more”. Then after a couple weeks Chris was sent back over seas for his second tour and while searching houses he noticed something wasn’t right and found a stash of guns under the floor that a family was hiding. They then proceeded to attack the man and to tell them everything that he knows. After this, he returns home to his newborn daughter. When going back for another tour they finally kill the man that they have been looking for, after many years of looking. After the enemy had been killed, Chris returned home.

    A couple months went by and he promised an old U. S. Marine that he would help him with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and while at the gun range the man Chris Kyle promised to help shot him in the head and killed him. Not only did this movie have an amazing story it had exceptional actors that made it so realistic. The director, Clint Eastwood had a very difficult time deciding who should play the role of Chris Kyle; and after thinking long and hard, he picked Bradley Cooper. The things he did throughout the whole movie shaped and say who he really is, yes there were a lot more actors, but in my opinion he was by far the best actor in the film and the most believable.

    Knowing this movie was based on a true story made the story line and plot seem more realistic and easier to understand. Another actor that did a fantastic job was Chris’s wife Taya Kyle. She has been in a lot of other films but I feel that this was one of her more serious films. The life that she had to live was very tough and having to raise their two kids on her own wasn’t easy. The story line and actors play a very important role in this movie. I would like to give most of the credit to the directors that decided to put the ending that they did.

    The ending was amazing and it shouldn’t have been done any other way. After his wife closed the door and Chris left for the gun range she knew something wasn’t right. Then the screen went black and it went on to tell us that he was shot and then explained everything that he accomplished during his time as a U. S. navy seal.

    He did so much to help out our world and didn’t deserve to die the way that he did. I also feel that the friend that Chris brought along should have gotten some credit because he was just trying to help but, unfortunately, also got shot. I feel most people only cared about Chris’s death because he was known better throughout the movie then his friend was. Throughout this movie, there was a lot of important things that people should recognize but I suggested the top three things that I think everyone who hasn’t seen this movie should know. This movie is about war and I’m not really about that so I didn’t think that I would enjoy it but like I stated above this is one of my favorite movies and always will be for many years to come.


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