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    Mixed Martial Arts Essay Summary

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    Most fights don’t even happen in the ring, where there is fame and fortune to be had, most of these fights happen in the streets, in gang wars, in fight clubs, and even in schools. Wherever two men fight for power physically, there is MA MA is a cross discipline sport. It encompasses all of the fighting styles, but only the best suited are used in the ring. Official MA fights are governed by a strict body of rules that protect the well being of the competitors. Even with these rules in place, the violent nature of the sport still brings with it many injuries, and, at very rare cases, even fatalities.

    The JIFF is the most famous body of MA as of recent times. They provide a medium tort the best fighters to compete and prove their mettle against the hundreds of men that belong to the sport. This seemingly new type of sport is deeply rooted in the human psyche. In order to fulfill the need for violence and action that is usually frowned upon by modern society, people turn to these kinds of activities. Even watching a fight brings forth fantasies of controlled violence, a welcome aversion from the monotony of everyday life. Mixed Martial Arts does not exist only Within the confines Of the octagon, or even in our TV sets.

    Every day, perfectly normal family men with stable jobs, Wives and even children take up arms in fight clubs scattered throughout the world. In there the rules are simple, to make your opponent either submit or pass out With the use Of force. Most Of the people Who join these clubs live perfectly normal lives, but when the bell rings they revert back to their base instincts and forget their lives in order to live the warriors life for a couple of minutes. After that, they return to their modern lives, badly bruised and beaten, but with a sense of fulfillment that keeps them going until the next fight. These people are not war freaks.

    They aren’t even minutely violent when you ask their close friends. The manifestation violence only comes when they are pitted against another competitor, when their jobs and their lives take a back seat to the surge to adrenaline that takes over. A high beyond that of any illegal drug dominates the senses, even the pain of your opponents retaliation cannot mask the euphoria to the tight, leaving them wanting tort more. MA proves that a man’s greatest weapon is his own body. Amateur MA is practically a bare-bones slugfest, filled with Impractical blows and unorthodox harrows meant to take down opponents in whatever means necessary.

    Professional MA, however, pits the greatest and most conditioned athletes against each other in a battle of wits and timing. Its is as much a science as boxing, with even more factors involved. Even though it is still basically two men pounding each Other, they train themselves to the point that their instincts are as fine tuned as machine. They know when to hit, when to attack and when to take down the moment they see an opening. Their training is more grueling than any other sport, and the stakes even higher. Their training goes beyond he physical realm, even going as far into psychological warfare.

    Though muscles do not dictate strength, it does elicit a certain sense of inferiority to the smaller person, sometimes meaning the difference between a win and a loss. Every day, ordinary men put their lives on the line to experience the excitement of MA. Fight clubs, though underground, are still a legitimate form of MA. Other illegal tournaments have no safety precautions and are likened to “human cockfighting”. Rich men bet on these tournaments as a form of entertainment, and the relatively less fortunate participate in these to earn extra money, not owing that they may pay the ultimate price tort the tee bucks they earn.

    Much controversy has been had from alleged lackluster safety precautions. F-ironer US, Presidential John McCain, a known supporter of boxing, openly attacked the for having lenient rules and even went as far as to campaign for its removal on U. S. Television. It was later known that he received numerous gratuities from boxing promoters over his anti MA escapades. Some people, mostly the rich, deem MA as violent, barbaric and uncivilized. Some even connect MA shown in public TWO as the motivation to cases of mommies violence and crime. No matter how these elite rich view it, MA is still good, (relatively) clean fun.

    It clears the mind of all the troubles that envelops it and makes even the scrawniest feel like a fighter. The elite can afford a personal boxing instructor, a home gym and fighters to spar With. The most ordinary people can do is join a fight club, and that isn’t even an option for the office workers that don’t have enough time for much physical activity. The closest thing to the thrill of the fight for them is right at their home, with a can of beer and mom of their friends, shouting at the TV screen and pouring all their hate in the world in that small span of time.

    MA is not the cause of violence, but the outlet of it. You don’t huddle around the TV’ every weekend to cause more anger and bitterness into your lives, but to push all the hate and anger you had at your bosses into your competitors rival. This is what MA stands for, a brief moment in time when a person can be an ape again, wild and free. In the end, the staggering amount of viewers (MA has even outpaced boxing in APP sales) proves that MA is here to stay,

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