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    Mice and Men Essay (561 words)

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    Of Mice and Men Socratic Seminar Question: Was George Justified in killing Lennie? 1. What does the pro side believe? Why? Yes, George was Justified in killing Lennie because if George was not the one that killed Lennie then the other men who were hunting Lennie would have killed him in a brutal way for killing Curleys wife. 2. What does the con side believe? Why? No, George was not Justified in killing Lennie because even though Lennie killed Curlers wife, Lennie should have been prosecuted like any other man instead of being shot in the back of the head. 3. What is an option for a qualified side to believe? Why?

    It’s hard to decide which side to choose because in a way George was Justified to kill Lennie because Lennie did kill Curlers wife and the way that it was done it was violent in a way, but he also wasn’t Justified because he didn’t have the right to choose if Lennie deserved to live or die. 4. What is your opinion? My opinion is that George did the right thing by choosing to kill Lennie. The reason to why I say that is because Support for your position: 1. Write down four open ended questions (questions that require more than a yes or no response) you believe are important to consider before coming to a conclusion. If you were in George’s position, what would you have done to Lennie? 2) Why do you think George was the one to want to shoot Lennie? 3) Why do you think George lied about the gun? 4) Why do you think George killed Lennie instead of running away with him again? 2. Write down four pieces of evidence or reasons that support your position 1) “l can still tend the rabbits, George? I didn’t mean no harm, George. ” – Lennie 2) “Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I Just like to know what your interest is. ” – The Boss 3) “l got you to look after me, and you got me to look fter you, and that’s why. – Lennie 4) “No, Lennie. I ain’t mad. I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know. ” – George 3. Write down four counter arguments for those opinions who disagree with you might rise. 1) George did the right thing by shooting Lennie because he did it in more of a peaceful way then the others would have done to him. 2) George knew that Lennie had to be stopped now because he had gone more violent. In the last chapter when George saw Curleys wife he basically said “Lennie has never done anything in hatred” , this is a sign that

    George has realized that Lennie has become more determined not to get caught doing something wrong so that George won’t let Lennie tend the rabbits. 3) George did the right thing by talking to Lennie and calming him down before shooting him because George knew how upset Lennie was for what he did, but Lennie also didn’t complete feel remorse towards killing Curleys wife because she was going to go tell on him. 4) George shouldn’t have lied about the gun. He should have told them the truth when he shot Lennie because he Just created a more hatred image towards Lennie, especially now that he’s dead and can’t prove the men Mice and wrong even

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