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    Medical History Review Essay

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    Herbal medications that are still used today and were discovered and used in primitive times as well? Which one was used for pain
    digitalis- heart
    morphine was used for pain
    before the science of medicine was introduced many people believed that health was controlled by what?
    demons and evil spirits
    first group of people to keep medical records
    ancient egyptians
    i was probably the first physician
    ancient egyptian method of unclogging the channels of the body
    blood letting and leeches
    time period that used pulse to determine the health of the body
    ancient chinese
    what is acupuncture
    inserting needles into the body at acupuncture points. used to relieve pain and congestion
    the people that began modern medical science by observing the human body and disease effects
    ancient greeks
    father of comparative anatomy
    father of medicine
    oath taken by physicians today is called the
    oath of hippocrates
    ancient romans began sanitation systems to prevent disease. what methods did they use
    draining marshes to prevent malaria, filtered water, used aqueducts,
    person who dissected animals to determine the function of muscles, kidneys and the bladder
    claudius galen
    before doctors were required to acquire to an education these people where considered the doctors
    monks and priests
    how was disease handled during the dark ages
    divine intervention and prayer
    what is a pandemic? how does one contract the bubonic plague
    break out of a disease in a major region.

    fleas would get from rats then fleas would get on to humans

    the man who began using animal gaft for suture material he was known as the
    rahzes, arabian hippocrates
    the 2 individuals who used dissection of the human body to draw realistic models of the body
    leonardo da vinci and michelangelo
    what was cyclosporine used for
    to supress organs after organ transplant as the body would reject the organ
    father of modern surgery
    ambrose pare
    invented the microscope
    anton van leewenhoek
    invented the mercury thermometer
    gabriel farenheit
    what did edward jenner do to influence the history of medicine
    developed vaccination for small pox
    this person performed the first blood transfusion
    james blundell
    invented the first stethoscope
    rene laennec
    the founder of modern nursing. what specific contributions did she give to the field of nursing.
    florence nightingale. began professional education of nurses.

    founded nightingale school and home for nurses

    semmelweiss encouraged
    doctors to wash hands with lime after performing autopsies
    began the use of antiseptics and disinectants during surgery to prevent infections
    joseph lister
    founder of the american red cross
    clara barton
    list several contributions that louis pasteur made to medical field
    figured out how to pasteurize milk,found cure for rabies, found out that micro organisms caused disease
    established principles of heredity
    gregory mendel
    discovered viruses in 1892
    dimitry ivanofski
    the father of microbiology
    anton van leewenhoek
    developed x rays
    willaim roentgen
    developed vaccine for typhoid fever
    almroth wright
    demonstrated that mosquioes carry yellow fever
    walter reed
    identified blood groups (ABO)
    carl landsteiner
    discussed how white blood cells protect us against disease
    dr elie metchnikoff
    discovered insulin to treat diabetes
    frederick banting and charles best
    studied psychiatry and psychology
    sigmund freud
    discovered penicillin
    sir alexander fleming
    studied dna
    francis crick and james watson
    developed the live virus oral polio vaccine
    albert sabin
    another name for a white blood cell
    why did physicians began using amniocentesis
    to detect any problems before birth
    who performed the first heart transplat
    christian barnard

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