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    Making Room for Improvement Essay

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    All the brightest lights beaming down on me, the eyes of many people watching. My feet moving to the steady pulse of the drum. The feeling of my feet rolling across the green and white turf. The weight on my shoulders simply disappear as my heart beats faster and faster, the roar of the brass instruments and beautiful melodies of the woodwinds flow in every direction. What starts out as a simple chart of dots, shortly turns into a beautiful work of art that begins to tell a musical story with every form and figure to match only the finest pitches and rhythms.

    An activity that truly builds relationships, character, and discipline, what is there not to like? Before I joined, I was probably one of the most anti-social people anyone could meet. From being part of the marching band I have learned to accept people for who they are, and being able to do that it makes it easier to be myself around different people. Also I still have friends from my first year of doing marching band that have graduated four years ago who I still am very close with and talk to them on a daily basis.

    I was once afraid to talk to people, but now I am able to fully express how a feel about anything in a respectful way. From needing help, even the problems and concerns I may have. Marching band has also helped me to become a natural leader and stand out. Also it has taught me to be different and not just follow the “normal” trend of things. Since I am the only person who was able to play my instrument, I have learned to be comfortable with myself and even if I make a mistake its fine and try to get better the next time around.

    The next thing that I have learned is how to become a hard worker and to never give up. This past summer I have gotten a job at Hershey’s Chocolate World (HCW) and I used the perseverance skills I was taught in marching band. I used those skills to motivate myself to keep pushing, even when things were very busy and hectic. I now work harder and give more than my best with everything that I do. Nothing feels better than “leaving it all on the field” and looking up and seeing the many people in awe and knowing that you have performed a great show.

    Walking with a little swagger in my step knowing that I have made someone happy and put a smile on their face, even to know that I did the best show I could have possibly done and that the next one has to be even better. Having friendships that I know will last a lifetime even through all the ups and downs. I am more comfortable in my own skin and love myself for me and would not change unless it will better my life. All while having the wherewithal to never give up and know there is always room for improvement.

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