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    Levine, Jake Essay (1373 words)

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    2/6/17 Respect for the Law “Built within the Constitution of the United States are specifically defined freedoms thatare guaranteed to all citizens”(Jordan, 1999). However, with every constitutional freedom there comes agreatresponsibility, such as time.

    Given an understanding of the importance of time and thedecreasing nature of it, time commitment decisions are among the most importantand challengingchoices thatsomeonemustmake. On September 25, 1789, the state legislature proposedtwelve amendments, which were later passed by congress. The first two dealtwiththe salary that the congress would receive and the amount involvement congress would have. The last ten amendments were established and accepted by all states as the Bill of Rights in 1751.

    The first amendment of the United States Constitution states,”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercises thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. However, one must comprehend the numerous responsibilities that come with the freedom proposed in our constitution. When learning the way to correctly respect and not take advantage of your freedoms one must take time to understand the responsibilities at hand. I consider time to be a gift from God especially when understanding how to respect thetrafficlaws. My perception of timediffers in various situations, however, not whenunderstanding respect.

    I believe that timehasa beginning and an end. Time, either too much, or more often not enough of, is the root of not obeying the traffic laws. Since time will not stop for you,I strive to use my time wisely. One day I willnot be ableto liveas freely as I do currently, so I believe that it is important to makethe most of what time I have when respecting thetrafficlaws provided for not only my safety, but rather the citizens that could have been affected by my poor decision making. Imust respect thetrafficlaws, so I therefore, will be respecting what my life offers.

    When we wake up respect is always around. When we goto a restaurant there isrespect. When we go to aschool, there isrespect. When you go to your family reunion, there is respect.

    These examples may not be noticeable, but thatisonly becauseyou are taking them for granted each day. However,ifyouarenot respectful, then you willnot be respected, it is just that simple. So, you should always be respectful,whether onor offthe roadsas well asothers so they will treat you with the same respect. When one abides by thetrafficlawsthat shows respect for the lawsand the safety if provides. On the other hand, if one is disrespectful toward thetrafficlaws, then there are repercussions, that one should accept without question.

    If one questions authority when they are guilty, it is disrespectful not only to the court of law, but thetrafficlaw put in place for society’s safety. Althoughthe first amendment states,”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridgingthe freedom of speech, or of the press,”one should not question a punishment given by authority as it ismore than likelydeserved. Furthermore,one does not have control over the inevitable, therefore gives me a motive to convert my time into meaningful actions that benefit those around me. Thoughtime may cycle,I will always learn from the mistakes I made and will continue to make, but the punishments I receive will be taken into consideration for further meaningful actions.

    Therefore, in the near future I would liketo commit my time tomaking mypersonallife and society better. Throughout this process, I have thought deeper about how my academic in high school have been affected. With my improving time management, I have been very busy with athletics, school work, lifeguarding, and volunteering. I further understand that my actions will further relate to my future for college and a career.

    So, I will continue to dedicatemyself toparticipating in activities that will better my chances in not only getting into thecollege ofmy choice, but rather my career of choice to result in happiness. I amwilling to committhe remainderofmy life to improving myselfand societythroughreceiving a college degree with the hope of getting my desired joband living a better life in the future. This year I have taken a greater responsibility in organizingmy schedule to fit volunteering in, as I have neglected to plan days to participate. On the contrary, I have been committed to the water polo team at Hillsdale High School by participating in the off-season workouts. Of course, my priority is my school work as this is my ticket into college along with quality SAT score. By committing myself to Home and Hope, the non-profit organization I have been volunteering for, I have spread love throughout San Mateo County by building and providing shelters for homeless families.

    Sometimeswe spend time with the children and help them with their homework or just serve them food after they arrive. Whatever the situationmaybe, my love forsociety,my faith in God, respect,and disciplinekeeps me committedto Home and Hope. Time commitmenthas undoubtedly affected my future and the futures of manyof the families we provide for. I am prepared to devotesix or moreyears of my life tostudying and takingexams so that I may becomeCentral Intelligence Agency agent.

    The university of my choicewillmost definitelybe a commitment that affects myrapidapproaching future; as aCIA agent. Along the way, I willmakemanymore decisions concerning timetouphold justicethroughout the world, preserve Americanvalues,andprotect the freedoms this beautiful country offers. Withinthe freedoms in the first amendment there is a given responsibility, especially to the career of my choice, to uphold American freedom. The freedom of religion, where citizens have the right to practice their own traditions, with no violence. The freedom of speech,whereAmericans have the right to speak freely,but politely. The freedom of press,wherethe press has the right to publish anythingthey see fit, and thegovernment anditscitizens have the right toan opinion.

    The freedom togatherpeacefully, protesters can protestifthey are notharming others ortheirproperty. Finally,the freedom of”redress of grievance by government,” where citizens havethe right to take a case to congress for freedomsbeing denied. The”rule of law”issetby the government topromoteits power with clearly written rules, legal principles, and regulationsin which provide a safer living environment. In asystem,such as ours,the governmenthas expectations that elude from our constitution setting theway of governingthe residents of the United States. The rule of Law is used inthesocietywe knowtoday as the fundamentals for our country’sstructure. The rule is said to make our society as fair and wealthy as it can possiblybe.

    Therefore, the rule of lawis thereto bethe backbone of ourconstitutional principle whichestablishes a fair legal system. Issuesof legalaccountabilityand legal rights should be determinedsolelyby theunbiasedoperationofourlawsystem, andneverby theabstractlessonofmaturity, and byunderstanding that the law is relevant,self-sufficientandunprejudiced. When the ruleof law isimplementedin society it createsa just,fairand effective legal systemin which wrongdoers receive a desirable punishment. Thereare many reasons that wenowhave discovered as to why our Founding Fathers have chosen the Rule ofLaw. One possible powerfulreasoncould bethe way that other countries now rule their government. The factors in the Rule of Law that are numerous and vast.

    They include limited government powers, order, security, and an open government. The foreign countries that function the way we do are running successfully, because of the path that we set forth in the late 1700s. In conclusion, thetrafficlaws influenceevery single resident of the United States of America and thesetrafficlaws enforced by our law enforcement are set for our safety not to set you back. Everything is in place for a reason. Our constitution is the underlying factor that places the stepping stones for our society today.

    Each citizen including myself shouldcompletely respect thesetrafficlaws. The mistakes I have made in my past will only drive me to work harder to not only not make these faults again, but better myself and excel in the field necessary to transcend through the university of my choice into becoming a CIA agent, to then better this country. I will say that I have learned my lesson about disobeying traffic laws and will continue to work harder. Finally, we must say how lucky we are to live in the best country ever because of the way we are run and the choices our Founding Fathers made abouttwo hundred and fiftyyearsago.

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