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    “Jurassic World” Movie Review (494 words)

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    Jurassic World is a movie about a park that brought dinosaurs back to life and created a new dinosaur with unexpected consequences. In the movie the park needed a new attraction to keep the public interested and coming. They want a dinosaur that’s bigger, better, and scarier. So, they designed a genetically modified hybrid. The Indominus Rex was just that. With the base genome of a T-Rex, it is just as big if not bigger. It also possesses certain traits of snakes, allowing them to detect thermal radiation. Also cuddle fish genes added to help withstand accelerated growth but also giving it genes to camouflage. The dinosaur was able to hide from the thermal cameras with the genes from a tree frog that can modulate infrared output, and it uses it used those strands from their DNA to adapt to a tropical climate. Being part velociraptor allowed the dinosaur to communicate with the raptors.

    One of the scientists said that you cannot have an animal with exaggerated predatorial features without the corresponding behavioral traits. At the beginning of the movie 2 boys are going to meet their aunt who runs the park. After they get there she has to go show the owner of the park their new attraction, the Indominus Rex. Long story short the dinosaur escapes because the people underestimate its intelligence. The I-Rex goes on rampage and kills everything in sight for sport. Also, the whole time the man who created the animal is one of the villains, trying to create an unstoppable weapon. The scientists realize they may have made the dinosaur a little to advance and dangerous. After much chaos and destruction everyone in the park has been evacuated and it’s just the heroes, main characters, and of course the dinosaurs. It eventually takes multiple dinosaurs to kill the I-Rex but they get the job done.

    Overall it’s a pretty good movie. Now, is all of this even possible? As far-fetched as it once seemed, the idea is for designing a whole new apex predator is now much more plausible. Since the original Jurassic Park was released massive breakthroughs have occurred in dino genetics and development biology. “Some scientists are even talking about reverse-evolving a chicken back into a dinosaur. Theoretically, we could “turn back the evolutionary clock” by breeding a chicken backward to unlock ancient genes that control dinosaur characteristics like teeth, scales, and talons”. Since we have gene splicing and other methods, it is not impossible.

    The technology already exists. But all that is according to evolutionary processes of course. Yet scientists have been creating mutant hybrids for some time, (GMOs). Take dog breeds for example. Human interference was required to develop multiple breeds of dogs. Even though dinosaurs and gene splicing are much different, it’s the same principle of man mixing different animal attributes for our own gain. So yes, theoretically its possible but we first would need dinosaurs living and breathing today.

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