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    Jane Eyre Persuasive Essay (672 words)

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    A. Setting: England, Early 1800s B.

    Point of View: First person C. Jane Eyre,the main character, is sent out of the drawing room by her Aunt, Mrs. Reed(Janes parents had died while she was very young and her Uncle took her in. After he died Mrs. Reed kept Jane although she despised her. ).

    Jane then retiresto the library, where she hid by the window-sill, behind the curtain. A fewminutes later her cousins John, Eliza, and Geneva come in. While Eliza andGeneva watch, John orders Jane to show herself. As she does, he taunts andinsults her before taking the book away saying that since his father diedeverything in the house belonged to him. John threw the book at her causing herto fall back striking her head. When Jane tried to defend herself, John was hurtand called for his mother and the servants.

    Jane was locked in the room in whichher Uncle died, for the whole night, as punishment for misbehavior. D. Jane is agirl who is used to unjust treatment. Most of her life she had to live in ahouse with no one who cared for her and no one she cared about.

    When she leavesLowood ( the school she attended as a child and teenager ), I believe she islooking for happiness. Jane is extremely independent, for instance when shewalked all the way to town to mail her letter. She is also very cynical likewhen Mr. Rochester asks if she expects a present from him and she replies thatshe has done nothing to deserve a present. Mr. Rochester is the other maincharacter of this story.

    He also is wanting happiness, but mostly he just wantspeace. He is brash and blunt, not really caring about peoples feelings. E. After Jane attends school at Lowood 6 years then teaches 2 additional years shebecomes tired of it and places an ad for a governess position in the localnewspaper. The ad is answered and Jane packs her things and heads off.

    Janedoesnt meet the man she works for until one night when she is taking a letterinto town to mail. Mr. Rochesters horse gets spooked and they take a fall onthe ice. Mr. Rochester sprained his ankle but his horse is fine.

    when he istalking to Jane he learns that she is the new governess at Thornfield, hishouse, while she learns nothing of him. They do not get introduced until laterwhen Mr. Rochester has Jane and Adele in for tea. There he asks her if shethinks that he is handsome and when she answers no he doesnt take offense butjust laughs and goes on about the conversation. Mrs.

    Reed becomes ill and willsoon die so Jane goes back to Gateshead to be with her. . They resolve theirdifferences and Mrs. Reed dies.

    When Jane returns to Thornfield, Mr. Rochesterasks her to marry him. Although she is skeptical at first, she consents and theymake the plans. At the wedding Mr. Rochesters brother-in-law stands up anddeclares to everyone that Mr.

    Rochester already has a wife. Mr. Rochester admitsit and invites everyone to come and see his wife. His wife is clearly insane andhe kept her locked in an attic room for everyones safety.

    Jane tells Mr. Rochester that she must leave since he already has a wife and she goes and liveswith a ministers two sisters. The minister is in love with another woman butasks Jane to marry him since she is the type for a ministers wife. Mr. Rochesterhears of these plans and is heartbroken.

    After a while Jane returns toThornfield and tells him that she was never going to marry the minister that itwas all a mistake, and that she loved only him. They get married and live inLondon. F. I think the theme of this book is integrity.

    Jane shows she hasintegrity when she doesnt treat everyone the way she had been treated most ofher life. G. I think the title fits the book because there isnt reallyanything else you could call it. Its the story of Jane Eyre, its only right tocall it Jane Eyre.Book Reports

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