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    It Is Time to Take Responsibilities

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    Age does not matter in the adult life but what really matters is how responsibility comes along with maturity. The age anyone should be considered an adult is 20. Lots of things happen once a person turns 18. Examples include most entering college, getting the responsibility of voting, being able to legally drive, and just maturing and figuring out who someone is.

    When a person turns thirteen, it is an exciting feeling as everyone wants to become a teenager. We as a society expect eighteen year olds to be adults, to be able to make decisions for themselves, in some cases be financially responsible for themselves, to buy simple things like medicine on their own, and sign themselves out when still in high school.

    Articles like “ are you still a teenagers at 20?” says “So although you are not a “teen” any longer you are certainly still in your adolescent years. … Since the ‘twenty’ does not contain the word ‘teen’, you are not a teenager at 20.” This explains the point which it ismentally and literally removing the teen-years out of the age.

    People want to be considered an adult to get all the advantages. Having that choice determines how the person’s life plans out and what major decision(s) the person make for themselves.

    The teens are having to be under pressure by parents sometimes allows too much freedom for teenagers, allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them. For example, by age twenty-one, most grow up to consider drinking responsibly and legally. With age comes responsibility. Once college begins, most will realize how much easier high school was compared to college and how much responsibility it actually matters. Once a person is 20 then that would be one year away from being able to drink alcohol legally. That may be a big step in someone’s life.

    When people turn 20 the person realize that everything has gone by so fast so most people start planning their futures. In the article “20 REASONS YOUR 20S ARE SO CRITICAL” it says “ Yet your 20s are the ideal time to start thinking about when and with whom the person like to start a family.”

    This explains that the person is not a kid or teengaer anymore the person has seen and started thinking about future plans and will support a family. This is a big step in adulthood and taking those first actions to creating a viable future for oneself and their future families. By 20, people have made a choice on their education which includes if the person wishs to expand their education, taking a break to figure things out, doing both work and school, or just quitting school to work. These are important decisions to make that is why early adulthood is so stressful.

    In conclusion, the age of 20 is and should be the best age to be considered an adult. The teenager years are over. When people turn twenty, usually half way through college, it often means the person has been challenged to maintain being an adult and being responsible for major life decisions.

    By law the person might be able to make choices at age eighteen but people are not even mature at that age because at eighteen the person would be fresh out of high school and unprepared for the real world. In high school, everyone is exposed to just a tiny glimpse of what the real world is like, and it only makes sense that the person experiences a little of what the real world entails for them to even be considered an adult.

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