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An Inspector Calls Playscript Essay

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Flashback: Mrs.Birling and Eva Smith are my two characters involved in this play script. Eva smith seeks help from the ‘Brumley Women’s Charity Organisation’, who Mr.Birling is a member of. Playscript Set in the comfortable surroundings of Mrs.Birling’s house, in the living room, Mrs.Birling is having a meeting with other members of the brumley women’s charity organisation. Eva Smith, looking very exhausted and upset, knocks on door but soon sees a meeting in progress. The lighting is bright in the centre and shining on Mrs.Birling and all of the members although it is dark in the other rooms. It is a dark and windy night with showers occurring frequently.

Mrs.B: The purpose of today’s meeting is to discuss any future improvements we could make to this organisation. Ladies, discuss ideas with your fellow members. All of the ladies gather together at a solid and high quality wooden table at the centre of the stage. Meanwhile, Mrs.Birling is rocking on a chair directly north of the wooden table. The lighting becomes brighter and focuses on the women sitting at the table. Mrs B (sounding rather relaxed and proud that she is hosting this meeting) Now ladies, any of you have any suggestions for improving our facilities.

There is a short pause and 2 of the women sitting around the table take a drink of water. Member 1: We could do with some new members; we’re quite short of members at the moment. Today we struggled with only 7 members available to help and it was a busy day. Member 2: Yes, that would be good, but we would have to search and find just the right women for the job. No useless women, we need solid ladies for the job. Past experience would have to be a must aswell.

Member 1: Yes, a good idea. With a little planning and thought it shouldn’t be too hard. Mrs.B: (appearing relieved) Yes, this is a fairly good idea and hopefully it shall work out. Now, I think we’ll call it a day from here. I could do with a light sherry. All the members leave Mrs. Birling’s house in an orderly line. Eva, sitting on a bench outside Mrs.Birling’s house, now gets up and knocks at the door of Mrs.Birling’s house. Edna (Mrs.Birling’s maid) opens the door. Eva: (sounding nervous) Hello, may I speak to a committee member or advisor please?

Edna: (loudly) Madam, someone for you! Mrs.B: (after a pause, looking moody after another disruption and leaning back in her rocking chair) Bring the person in. Make it snappy, I need a rest Eva is standing in front of Mrs.Birling, appearing to be very shaky and has slight tears under her eyes. Eva: I came to ask for help in my situation. Mrs.B: (now leaning forward on to her desk, with a louder tone of voice) Sit down, you silly girl! Tell me more about your situation. Eva takes a seat on a comfortable red sofa opposite Mrs.Birling although she does not seem to be relaxed yet and not leaning back on the sofa and showing tension on her face.

Eva: I have been fired from a job which was my only hope in surviving. I have nowhere else to turn and have no money to live on. I have tried other organisations but nobody is willing to accept me. This is my last hope. Mrs.B: Right, but I would need to know more than what you have just told me in order for you to get any help from the committee at all. Eva: well, I was supposed to get money from a man I knew and he promised he would give it to me. However, it didn’t work out and everything turned against me.

Mrs.B: Right, so you’re here to ask me for money, aren’t you? Eva: (now with a hint of slight relief) Yes please, madam. However I am also here in search of support and help. Mrs.B: Right I believe your story. May I know your name please? Eva: (showing a smile) Yes madam, my name is Mrs.Birling Mrs.B: (Now showing some anger on her face, but keeping calm) Sorry, I never heard that, may you say your name again? Eva: My name is Mrs.Birling, madam.

Mrs.Birling: Excuse me, why did you just name yourself by my name? Eva: (now beginning to shake again) Sorry madam if I have hurt you. I am only speaking the truth. I wouldn’t lie about my name when I am in such a bad situation. Mrs.B: Get out, leave my house! I don’t want to hear any of your false stories and neither will I help you! Edna lead her out and make sure she never steps foot in this house ever again! Edna leads Eva out of the house. Eva turns round and looks back one final time however does not gather the courage to ask for help again. Once out of the front gate, Eva breaks into tears and slowly walks off into the distance to the left of the stage, her figure gradually vanishing under all the rain and fog.

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