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Is an Inspector Calls an example of a well-made play? Essay

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Not to have an hour play with months of time in it, not enough detail would be put in and it wouldn’t be realistic, set and costumes would have to be changed as things change over time, and you don’t always wear the same clothes all these time. An Inspector Calls follows these rules as the whole play is set on one evening. Space is that it should only be set in one scene, that the audience shouldn’t have to imagine that you are anywhere else, and it also saves moving the scenery about, having only one place makes it stronger and more realistic. An Inspector calls is all set in the Birling household so this also follows this.

Action is that there should only be one story line, An Inspector Calls follows this even though it has little braches off it the all join up along the same storyline. The Denouement is the final of the seven points. In a well-made play it is a time to see how much the characters have changed since the lessons that they have learnt during the play. It has to be plausible ending and not farfetched but let the viewers go home knowing exactly what happened. An Inspector Calls ending does not follow this rule, the ending is not plausible, and on the contrary it makes you think after.

The ending to and Inspector calls isn’t logical as to get a phone call at the end about a dead girl who drank some disinfectant just after someone had played a trick on them about that has a very small chance of actually happening. Inspector Goole represents the socialist, as Mr. Birling is a big capitalist, I think the Inspector comes round to show him the right way to think. Goole is a symbol for what is right and almost shows up Mr. Birling’s views by using a dead girl who killed herself to show it. The ending isn’t too far-fetched it is just confusing and also doesn’t follow the rules of the denouement.

Most of the characters haven’t learnt anything by the end of the play have not learnt their lessons that they have had through the play. As soon as they find out it wasn’t real most of them completely forgot that what they did was wrong. Except Sheila and Eric who still feel great remorse for what they did, and are the only ones who actually learnt something from it. At the very end guilt comes back to all when they hear of another girls death. The audience also feels guilt it the Inspector’s speech at the end before he leaves as he teaches that we must look out for other people.

In conclusion I feel I cannot actually say it is a well-made play as it does not fill the whole criteria needed, though I find it is a very close call. I think it is almost a category of its own, not quite fitting into any just about because of one little thing wrong. An Inspector Calls show originality and creativity and will still be regarded by many as a very well made play.

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